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  • Quote: Originally posted by hmurchison Ok I've been dating the most awesome woman I have ever met for 3 months. Yes I know...every guy says that in the beginning but I'm 33 and I've been around the block enough to know what I like and don't like …
  • Quote: Originally posted by BigMcLargehuge it's going to sound cliche'd but the minute I laid eyes on her standing outside the student business office in college (1993). We just celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary. Yea, its not cliche. Its…
  • Btw, ? original imacs = cooled by convection - no fans so top of unit is warm like a tv. ? flat panel imacs - single 120mm fan pulling air from the bottom, up around components and exhausing near the base of the neck (i may have airflow backw…
  • Ok. Real simple... iMac G5 won't melt. There's an internal thermistor that will shurt down the comptuer (like hard power off) if it gets close to being that hot. And that heat is well above plastic melting. I honestly dont see the purpose o…
  • Quote: Originally posted by the cool gut That's cool. I disagree that their a "sham" I would say that it's divorce which is the sham, since a judge could throw out a prenup if they wanted to. But if she's really the one, and the atomic level a…
  • Quote: Originally posted by the cool gut I'd wouldn't mind knowing if anyone here who's married, if they got their lady .... or man or whatever ... to sign a prenup? How else can you TRULY be sure it's true love? Sorry, but prenuptual contra…
  • Hey i live in TX! hmm Aus > Australia yea that works heh.
  • Quote: Originally posted by Giaguara mike. /em raises head... Yup, though i doubt it'd call it wankerism... /em has pleasant smile (on a sidenote, its a very intelligent method of psycological warfare. Most people will react easily…