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  • Look at what has happened: Apple hit on a winner with the iPod. At some point they could see the iPod was going to be big - when? Maybe in 2004. Apple used the iPod momentum to pay for the Intel transition for Macs. iPod sales peaked at xmas 200…
  • Quote: Originally posted by vinney57 People please. Rubenstein and Schiller work for Apple. Their public statements are there to support Apple's position at a particular point in time. Apple see's no way of making big splash in a commodotised mar…
  • Well, it looks like Apple have answered my question! From, the following: "A second complaint has been that the iPod nano screen gets scratched easily. Apple moved to scotch such rumours, saying: "A few vocal customers are sayin…
  • So, I can see you guys are longterm members of this forum. My question is therefore: Is this a really big and serious problem for Apple? Or is it a storm in a teacup, like when sony rerelease their ipod-killers every couple of months?!
  • Quote: Originally posted by sunilraman there has been quite a bit of updating on the PowerbookG4 pages across the apple site to make the features look more attractive, bolder pictures, software and all the bits and bobs... trust me, i'm a design…
  • Quote: Originally posted by sunilraman er.. dunno, i guess i'm still hungover from the supposed Tuesday announcement last week ;-) US store now down....
  • Quote: Originally posted by nohill Just to add a little flavor: ...stores goin' down... D, F, UK ... down. US ... up. Denmark and Australia also down...
  • Quote: Originally posted by Amorph And that's the problem with your argument: The iPod has always been a commodity product. Yeah, I like that. I dont know whether this commodity-arguement works. On some levels, the iPod is so radical - …