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  • noo..i knew the dock was extra. But i wasnt sure whether the cables for the dock came iwth it.. thanks anyways though
  • yea.. well it doesnt matter for me anymore..ive made up my mind..finally. Im goin to invest in a 17" imac. Itd only be 200 dollars more than an Ibook with the config. i want. and its much better. I also dont NEED a laptop. More of a want. But this w…
  • Quote: Originally posted by punica888 ...well upgrade to 100 Gb then I guess, a 1.67GHz PowerPC G4, and all of that for $650 and I am buying in no time. Thats like buying a 17" powerbook minus the display and sweet keyboard lol. we could onl…
  • Quote: Originally posted by ohoen ... is it likely that there will be some promotions or price drops in the near future? There was some murmuring about that when WWDC was happening. . Im in the same situation. Mine isnt as serious, but bad.. …
  • Quote: Originally posted by snoopy Apple dropped the price of RAM a bit. $225 extra for 1 GB, $50 extra for 512 MB. So they have. wise choice. And with school discounts: 512 MB RAM - $45 1 GB RAM - $202 Thats still like a $90 price di…
  • Quote: Originally posted by Outsider When it does get bumped, I hope it's a complete bump like the iMac G5 was just bumped. I'm talking 1.7GHz G4, Radeon 9600 with 128MB RAM (the old one had 64MB right?), Gb ethernet (semi useful for a consumer n…
  • Quote: Originally posted by Aquatic People aren't buying the Mac mini for games. That is what eMachines are for. MACS ARE NOT FOR GAMES. Gaming may not be Apple's main focus, but it is definitly an option. The old eMacs came with Tony H…