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  • Before I bought my Mac Mini 1.25ghz I used my G3(B&W)tower I has an 350 mhz processor with 256mb ram It ran music and video playback fine. My mac Mini has 512mb of ram and it works amazingly fast. I think 512 is perfectly fine I don't think you …
  • Like I said before, I thought the coomercial was awesome. I see nothing wrong with it, yes they are bashing PC makers but thats what big corparations do. All the time I get bashed by Microsoft guys for using a mac. This commercial is an opertunity f…
  • I was pretty sure the powerbook was but people on the broads are saying its the new iBook. I don't know where they got information. The name Macbook Pro is a good name and for most of you it will grow on you. Its just like when a car comes out a…
  • ok now im confused, after posting this I was reading and seen that the MacBook is the iBook is this true, or is it going to be the next Powerbook, Or neither. Somebody help me out here thanks.
  • In the keynote steve said that they are putting the word MAC in all of the models, Mac Mini PowerMac, iMac, Where does this put the iBook Hmmm...interesting.
  • I think that ad is crazy. I like the part when they say its been trapped in little dull boxs, because its true. Apple has hit again. I also like the saying on there site. "Whats a intel chip doing in a Mac? A whole more then it's ever done in a PC…
  • My cousin has an iBook G4 and he is using earthlink's dial up services for his Apple.