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  • When I looked into buying RAM about three years ago, I found that CL2 512MB chips don't exist. They simply couldn't be made. And yet, many, many manufacturers claimed their 512s were CL2. I don't know if anything changed, but that could explain t…
  • If you still are having problems, you can create javascript links in your bookmarks bar. Then, when you click on it, the javascript resizes your window to whatever values you want. For example, I have two links in my menubar: They're named »« and …
  • See, service plans are almost 100% profit. That's why they are pushed so hard, and that's why I almost never buy them. It's like gambling in Las Vegas. You know the company rigs the prices and odds on their sides, and chances are you will lose. …
  • Quote: Originally posted by AirSluf Classic RCI. Next I suppose you want integrated homework completion? RCI? Random Component Integration?
  • You could always start deleting files in your Preferences folders... Every program automatically creates a new preferences file with the default preferences if there isn't a pref file already there. I don't know specifically which files you'd be l…
  • Go to Network Preference Pane, and under the "Show:" Dropdown menu, choose "Network Port Configurations." Now, you can drag the different connections in the order you want them (or entirely disable the modem)
  • I think there's a program called LanOSD that will do this for you, but I've never played with it myself. It uses bezels to communicate to the nearest screen, whether that be a different user, or a different computer.
  • Doesn't the DivX Doctor do that? You may want to give it a try... I know I used to use it to play AVIs on Quicktime before I discovered VLC.
  • Even if you log in anyways, it won't work. It has to do with an incompatiblity within safari 1.0.x, so there's only ever going to be three fixes: GMail changes their code, you get Panther, or you deal. Sorry, but I'm afraid the first will never…
  • The Favicon is still missing... right now it's an ugly vB default.
  • Big Hi Res photos up on the PR Page: including this one:
  • Apple Press Release! Official Specs and Prices Quote: The new iMac G5, for a suggested retail price of $1,299 (US), includes: 17-inch widescreen LCD with 1440-by-900 pixels; 1.6 GHz 64…
  • is supposedly trying to put photos on it's site. Anyone able to grab 'em?
  • WindowshadeX by Unsanity has the option to, instead of windowshading, making a window translucent when you double click on the title bar. You can even set the opacity.
  • Quote: Does Gmail support automatic forwarding and POP3 access? Not at the moment, but Google believes in helping people access information whenever and however they want to do so. In the future you will be able to access Gmail messages from non…
  • Whenever there's a question on automating iTunes, the authoritative source is always Doug's AppleScripts for iTunes In your case, you're looking for this one