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  • Quote: Originally Posted by rshogg Unfortunately iPhoto won't allow you to browse the photos still on your camera. However, you can use Image Capture to mount your camera as a device and browse the photos on it. Connect your camera, turn i…
  • So I can just go in there and delete it? Nothing else to do? Thats the only one I would delete, I don't believe I have installed any others.
  • I looked at it today and the files are still there, they are just in a different user folder for some reason, he home folder isn't the same. Problem is there are no other Users. Her "shortname' and her mac address got separated and now her home fold…
  • I am looking at it tomorrow, so I will look to see if I can locate other user folders or directories and let you guys know tomorrow.
  • Quote: Originally Posted by rob05au Which version of Mac The Ripper was she using? She could of also made a image file of the DVD which would if needed later on be able to burnt to another DVD. 2.66 The Most Current She didn't know how to…
  • they are normally not on my dock but when I launch them they are active on my dock.
  • Quote: Originally Posted by Chucker It's not legal to redistribute BartPE-modified copies of XP, sorry. But to burn a .iso image, you can use Disk Utility. really? didnt know that. I will get rid of it asap since its no use to me anyways
  • Quote: Originally Posted by gregmightdothat Yeah, just cause you're a student doesn't mean that's legal. By that logic, I could steal Windows XP Pro, but it'd be legal, because I'm a pro. No the licensing is for college students and can be …
  • press shirt+command+g then type in /volumes, if it isnt there prefix it with the folder you think you put it in... like users/youraccountname/movies/volumes. And if it is not there turn on invisible folder and use spotlight. good luck.
  • Quote: Originally Posted by I've seen several hints on this site lately about using Front Row to watch movies stored in locations other than the ~/Movies folder, but most are limited to adding one additional location to Front Row's…
  • This is what I ended up doing... ---120GB HFS+ For Video editing because I shouldn't need to ever transfer it to my PC, if so i can get MacDrive. ---120Gb FAT 32 For everything else as a swap drive, music, docs, random installers and such. FYI F…
  • I would suggest first backup the music you see to a location on your computer. Are you talking about seeing the music in the "hidden folder" on the ipod? You might also try telling iTunes to add a folder to your library and point it directly to your…
  • [QUOTE=WhetWurm] That's dedication! One mac product gives you trouble so you buy more of the same brand. Excellent!/QUOTE] Truth is, I bought this MacBook Pro Im working on right now, two days after I posted that. So far I have no problems wit…
  • Sounds good, I think I'll give it a shot. Thanks
  • Quote: Originally Posted by Kickaha I've got *cough* a few shares. I bought them several years ago. Split-adjusted (twice), I think they were in the er... $8-14 range? That's insane. Come on you gotta say how many you started out with.
  • Quote: Originally Posted by draggerman11 Yes, bought it at 52.33 about a month and a half ago. I bet you're happy then.
  • I looked it up on the apple site and the search doesn't work on 5g iPods. Only the 5.5g. O Well. Did the firmware update give you guys a "brightness" control? Or when you sync your iPod does it stay in a really dim lite screen mode all the time?
  • Quote: Originally Posted by shetline Anyone up for iTunes 7.0.1? Oh yeah, several of my friends at school are having problems, and my eCommerce teacher told our whole class not to download it because he was up till midnight trying to get it to…