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  • Thank god then it isnt just me, I have 10.3.9 on my iBook and it updates dynamically so I guess someone at Apple had an accident when updating the Finder for Tiger .
  • Quote: Originally posted by Ebby BlackShadowWolf sounds ominous. Any story behind that username? Well I used to do some heavy online roleplaying and had a wolf character with the name General BlackShadow . All true, he was the shit If I don…
  • Name: Jordan Birthday: January 27, 1987 Zodiac Sign: Aquarius What Mac(s) do you own? iMac G5 Who's your favorite notable person of the Mac community? Mr Jobs of course. Do you give your Mac(s) name(s)? Not yet, but thinking of it. Have you ev…
  • Gotta love the RIAA and the USA, I wonder if we all emailed Steve Jobs asking for his help to allow us to have a replacement copyav available. he could make it happen? We would be sure to have to say pretty please . Im serious about it to, I lost my…
  • Ahh it sounds like the 'HindenBook' all over again, for all those not with it. This reminds of that classic PowerBook.
  • Not sure if the namings still going on, but beat this 'Dragonheart', yeh its cool , and my computer name is 'The Dragon's Lair'. Anyone sense a theme? I don't. Last login: Wed Jun 21 17:44:41 on console Welcome to Darwin! The-Dragons-Lair:~ J…
  • Im not sure if this was mentioned already, but It seems ever since 10.4, the Finder doesn't update the disk usage display. I mean by when under view options for the Desktop it says 'Show Item Info'. The disk usage doesnt change even if I install/uni…