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  • Quote: Originally Posted by SactoMan01 If you have a 4G iPod nano, "6.5G" iPod classic 120 GB or 2G iPod touch, these new headphones work well and have full functionality. But since I have a 3G iPod nano, I don't find these headphones useful, so…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by eAi I bought some iPhone headphones 6 weeks ago and they didn't work well, so I wanted to swap them for some that did. My local Apple Store, Regents Street (London, UK) has been out of stock ever since, apparently wait…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by FuturePastNow Says it records MPEG-4/h.264 video with AAC audio. That's pretty much made for a Mac. Oh, and this definitely does not belong in "Future Hardware." My bad, I found some samples videos of its previous…
  • Anyone try the Denon AH-NC732? Will they perform as good as the Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7?
  • Quote: Originally Posted by Ireland Where are the iPod nano 4th Gen lanyard headphones? It's still available in Target
  • Quote: Originally Posted by KIoo I have a pair of Grado right now and I love it but lately i've been craving a phone that would get me more invovled into the music. I was thinking of getting some Denon. Any suggestion on model? I know Denon A…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by angelinalove I am using skullcandy for my touch 2G. skullcandy are not bad, I recently upgrade to a pair of audio technica a900ti from the sq5. It's a huge upgrade, my new phones have very good sound stage! Almost…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by Victor3 I recomened that you get teh Bose ear buds they have good sound and are comfterable Well, bose may be a little bit overpriced!
  • Quote: Originally Posted by zinfella Has anyone used Grado SR 60 or SR 80 headphones with their iPod Touch? I used Grado SR 60 before, pretty nice. Audio Technica have some headphones in the same price range but sound and look better. I'll r…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by THT Canon PowerShot TX1 This is a camera that takes video. Some compromises, but does take 720p quality HD video like the Xacti. The Sanyo Xacti is a camcorder that takes photos. Coming from opposite ends of the spe…