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  • Windows saves them in the Thumbs_DB file that propagates everywhere like Apple's .DS_Store files.
  • The neat thing about criminals is that since they are criminals, they can go ahead and use real encryption! Speaking of which, I wonder if I can remember the passphrase to my 4 Mb encryption key. It took forever to do anything with it! I look for…
  • Archive and install is the nice compromise between upgrade and clean which is why I use it. However, if the option didn't exist, I'd probably do an upgrade. I've never really had a problem before with it.
  • I've had no such problems with 10.3.9. But according to my calculations, your computer is still to fast. My G4 400 can only get ~1600 MFLOPS, therefore, I say a G4 500 should only get 2000 MFLOPS
  • As long as my older computer can still decode the new stuff, I'm for it! Some high quality DivX movies won't decode in real time on my G4 400, and I hope that H.264 at decent resolution will.
  • I'm looking forward to the improvements made by Fontbook for validation. And smart groups in Address Book And encrypted PDFs And the dictionary and thesaurus application And new fonts and desktops And a full blown calculator And a DVD playing …
  • What isn't so obvious is that any NSText field (ie, all cocoa text fields) support it. When you're saving a file, the check spelling as you type is turned off, but you can turn it on, or run a spell checker on it, or simply control+click on a word y…
  • Another option to get rid of preference panes rather than deleting them is to move them somewhere else safe. Then if you ever need it, you can go back and get it. I'm pretty certain that pref panes are just interfaces for the preference plist fil…
  • You can still open the programs remotely by typing 'open '. Only problem is that it launches on the remote machine. It could be rather alarming to see a raft of programs suddenly opening on your local system from someone logged in as you remotely
  • The biggest different is that the linux box is likely running an X windows server and therefore he can remotely run even graphical programs. Though there are similar tools for X native apps (Timbucktu, Apple Remote Desktop), it's not compatible with…
  • But the only mechanical changes that happen when you shut off (parking of the drives and spin down of the fans) happens when your computer sleeps if you leave it on. A deep sleep also shuts off the CPU, so the whole thing cools off as well. These…
  • My G4 400 doesn't have any lag, and I can't recall it ever having any all the way back to 10.0. I've always had a minimum of 384 MB of RAM though.
  • I think the question is what version of Darwin is Tiger based on!
  • I think that uptime is only half the equation as a useful stat anyhow. Most systems can get huge uptimes if they aren't used, or are used for only a couple tasks (ie, servers). A family system with multiple simultaneous users with activities rang…
  • Just shy of 3 days currently because that's when the last security update came out! I normally get about a month between updates that require restarts, or between power failures. It turns out my system is more stable than the local power grid.
  • Quote: It is not global. If an application is stuck or busy (even the front-most one), the beach ball appears only when the mouse pointer is on a window belonging to that application. Move the cursor somewhere else and the beach ball disappears. …
  • Perhaps that's something new in Tiger that isn't there in Panther
  • I second (third) the use of Image Capture. Under it's prefs, you can set it to be the default app for when cameras are plugged in. It can then download all the pics to a folder, or you can browse them all with thumbnails and just take the ones you w…
  • If you are just looking for access to the files, something like Transmit or one of the other graphical sftp programs might be your best bet. And don't forget that from another mac, you can use Appletalk though it's slow.
  • It's really all about Hiding. It's one of those habits that I picked up in 7, and it's still going strong in X. I virtually never minimize windows to the dock but rather option click into the next app that I want. I'll have several BBEdit windows op…