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  • I'm curious too I had some Bose Quiet Comfort and they were comfortable but I thought they were too heavy in the midrange sound. They also break fairly easily using weak glue and cheap plastic. I loved the noise canceling feature tho. I found tha…
  • Well I'm not sure if LittleSnitch does packet sniffing but that would be what you need to determine more info. You could also download clamav and perform a scan if you're concerned about virii
  • This is not an issue. You will never get your network card to stop sending out packets. Its expected behavior
  • You clearly don't buy electronics. Restock fees are applied by all companies across the board for computers and accessories. For the longest time if you bought any piece of electronics from Best Buy and you opened the box they would refuse to take i…
  • LinkedIn, Facebook... be an overachiever
  • Space probably. You get 5.5 inches of more room to put all that memory. The 1gig video card probably needs a bigger fan, too.
  • I have the same problem with my Mini. I'm guessing its a software problem with Snow Leopard. Started happening right after the 10.6.4 update. Is that what you're running? I don't think the DHCP bug is fully fixed yet, but that's just my opinion T…
  • take it back as soon as possible. could be related to your motherboard replacement
  • Quote: Originally Posted by sequitur Got another Qollege Qolleague Question; CC was planning on buying a Blu-Ray Play Station 3 to connect to a HDTV for streaming movies, HDD content, etc. After reading about the iPad, she would like to know …
    in iPad or PS3 Comment by bbwi July 2010
  • Begs the question why do you need NTFS in the first place? Format with FAT32 and use encrypted zips
    in Ntfs Comment by bbwi July 2010
  • You seem like a pretty average user and you didn't mention if you have a monitor already. I would get the entry level iMac. Its a better value with them having just been upgraded to i3 processors
  • Quote: Originally Posted by Dr Millmoss Finally getting around to trying this. I am in the process of slipstreaming XP using nLite (in VirtualBox) for the purpose of adding SP3 and installing in BootCamp. Do I want to customize the install in any…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by hagame ok... so, is there a way to tell which connection type the ipad is using? Is it connecting with N, G, B, or A? How does it decide which one to use? What is the priority? Any ideas? I couldn't tell on …
  • iPad supports A, B, G, N. Try updating your firmware on your router
  • We already have several executives and directors using them. The problem is not finding a good use for them but rather finding them at all... they're sold out
  • Or buy a 22-24" monitor that has HDMI. You'll get a lot of homework done on the big computer screen with the flexibility of connecting your PS3 Amazon has a few for under $300
  • Yes, I definitely noticed better battery. I think iPhone 4 feels much more solid your hand. I like it better than previous gens. Screen is amazing and justifies the upgrade by itself. Haven't used FaceTime nor will I very often. I think its faster i…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by Dr Millmoss I was not going to try running any games in VirtualBox or any virtual machine. I just needed it to slipstream XP SP1 to SP3 so it installs on Bootcamp. I think that should be doable, but it also sounds like…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by Aquatic $30 for a rubber band was ridiculously shameless anyway. Agreed. But I personally don't think its really that big of a deal. I can hold the phone in my left hand so that I'm not bridging the antenna. But I s…
  • You're using the notebook wrong! There is no problem! There might be a problem, stay tuned... All kidding aside, Marvin's right. Also, make sure you're not blocking the back on the notebook where the hot air is supposed to be ejected. Put i…