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  • Quote: Am I the only one who thinks this is terrible. Really there is no legitimate use for this programme. This programme is just for copying DVDs rented from Blockbusters or borrowed from friends and relatives. Well, that's not entirely corre…
  • Another question: What version of Apache does 10.2 ship with for Personal Web Sharing? Thanks.
  • Just be aware that the current "Personal web sharing" is Apache 1.3.26 and won't allow you to SECURE this webDAV, so you'll be leaving your entire site wide open for anyone to connect to and change whatever they want. So, you'll want to a) Mak…
  • That's simple- in your /private/etc/httpd.conf file, look for your <Directory "XXX"> that's the main site's directory. (Or any subdirectories you have also explicitly stated) Under Options here, you'll see Indexes. That's what…
  • Just wanted to chime in here. I do really like this new Safari, but that brushed metal drives me crazy. And it appears I'm not the only one. But there is good news! This app was built with the "new" project builder, making it VERY easy to turn off t…
  • Do you want a calendar per say, or just something to remind you of stuff? I've written a program that puts a little character in your menubar which turns into a * when something is supposed to happen. You drop down the menu and can see what it is, a…
  • I've been using Cararra 2 since it came out in Mac OS X, and I have only one complaint- crash, crash, crash, cra... oh sorry, carried away there. You have to save every couple of minutes with this program, because seemingly simple things, like rotat…