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  • I have the Klipsch Promedia 4.1's. I couldn't be happier with them, despite the fact that I have to use them in Stereo mode when watching DVD's because apple won't get their act together and write a DVD Player that supports anything beyond 2 channel…
  • Still got 9 running on my pismo. Too lazy/cheap/broke to add enough ram to make X bearable.
  • Didn't the clock used to go back to november 1957 or something, which I believe is Woz's birthday?
  • What cell phones will be compatible with Jaguar? Any phone that has bluetooth?
  • Many will see this as a copy of the iPod, but it's just simply competition. It will force apple to continue to make their product stronger and better than anything else on the market. What's so wrong a little competition, Apple's not Microsoft? The …
  • [quote]Originally posted by Luca Rescigno: I think I'd rather have Klipsh Promedia 2.1 speakers instead of either the Soundsticks or the Creatures. A friend of mine has those and they are very powerful, they're not too big (or too small either) but…
  • I own a visor edge, and have no complaints. For some reason every review i have read of the device has slammed it, but i love it. It's small, and with the free case it comes with now relatively durable. And mine came without any defects whatsoever d…
  • Got number 99 yesterday, a slim 10 gigs, along with a shiny new tibook
  • As long as its compatible, every burner should work about the same within iTunes. I've had an EZ-Quest for over 2 years now and it's never been out of commission.
  • I was refering to DVD playback mainly, but also there are games coming out now that take advantage of more than 2 channels of sound.
  • [quote]Originally posted by Timo: Go with the powerbook. Is the powerbook 667 loaded up with ram along with an external firewire HD going to be enough to do anything I want in Final Cut Pro and other editing apps?
  • I was counting on the new revisions coming out soon, it will be interesting to see what they offer. On another note, has anyone seen that much more performance out of a dual processor machine over a single? Is it worth the extra $$$?
  • Screw Caracho, Long live Hotline!
  • Even if it isn't said to be supported, it will show up on your desktop as a removeable disk drive and you will be able to access the photos as if it were a floppy/cd etc and import them into iPhoto that way.
  • The greatest part of EV was the plugin interface. Anyone could write one, and it could completely renew the game and make it worth playing for another 1000 hours.
  • My advice is to try turning off every thing but the essentials, most of the extras you'll never need anyway. Then try the install again, and if it works go back and individually turn the extras on until you find the problem and just avoid that one p…
  • 4 frames per second is not much of a difference, especially if it's really high to begin with. Taking that into account, you could assume the 800mhz and the 667mhz machines are running the tests and getting equal results. How is this possible? It do…
  • Ok, I have official confirmation of the new "X" product from apple, details as follows: Microsoft's XBox will actually be the hardware used, with OS XXX ported to it. XXX is a yet to be announced product by Apple, and is built especially for an e…
  • The only time i remember apple bumping the specs of a product between anouncing it and shipping it is the original bondi blue iMac. Everyone complained about the modem being 33.6 so they swapped in a 56k just before shipping.
  • I really doubt a complete redesign happening in September, but I am hoping for a speed bump, graphics bumb (top PC laptops all come with 64mb video cards now), and bluetooth standard internal. I can't imagine apple keeping that usb bluetooth adapter…