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  • [quote]Originally posted by Mulattabianca: Andrew, if your site will not be commercial, pornographical, contain crxs, mp3s, zips, exes etc i could find a couple of alternatives that could be worth trying. (if they contain anything of that stuff me…
  • I think I'll go for the ATI Radeon then I don't know when though, unfortunately there's
  • 450mhz G4 Tower (graphite) 712mb of RAM Mac OS X 10.2.3 What is Voodoo, apart from black magic? Can NVIDIA or whatever Voodoo is connect to a TV? Andrew
  • Eyes? what about eyes. And if I had a better graphics card which could refresh at, let's say, 200mhz would that mean I could turn my refresh rate up higher or does that depend on my monitor too?
  • How do you know what it does or doesn't have in between all those tentacles? Actually It's a mouth but I think I'll keep it asexual so as not to offend anybody. Andrew
  • Hey, come on it's not like stop frame animation or anything, I heard some guy say the other day that he doesn't like GUIs! I'm not a nerd, I'm a, err, um, a Digital Artist, possibly a bit of a geek though if that's any different. Andrew, a…
  • -"Because Macs are crap and go wrong all the time" is the usual excuse. If they've ever heard of a Mac. Oh, I see, the practically uncrashable UNIX vs the almighty power of DOS, why do macs not have their version of "the blue creen of death" then…
  • [quote] you can register both handles free if it helps, Sorry, I'm not familiar with any sort of terminology of any kind as this is the first time I've ever used IM sofware. What are handles and do you mean free as in no cost? How would I do thi…
  • Yeah, the hoverboard looks real, that's how I found that site in the first place, I'm attempting to build a Radio Controlled hovercraft. Ion propulsion is a real thing, the fastest vehicle ever made is a sattelite powered by it that's in orbit a…
  • How does that work? Why? Who's responsible?
  • Up and running in less than one day?! Wow! Feel the awesome power It took me what? 2-3 hours to get OS X "up and running" Isn't it sad that Apple can gain thousands of new customers by telling the truth, but Microsoft have to lie, and s…
  • I don't have a router or server or ethernet-rerouted junction block, just Mac OS X and a DSL modem. So do I have firewall software? If so what do I do to set it up? Andrew
  • I had a quick look into this and apparently there are hardly any, or no Mac OS X Viruses, but it is very popular with hackers at the moment, so be careful, it's probably best to buy a firewall. I can't help worrying it would be very easy to do so…
  • Hey, I just noticed I'm not a juniour member anymore, how did that happen?
  • Are the really nasty windows viruses that open themselves and are COMPLETELY unstoppable, even if you restart (like the chicken virus) just myths? Anyway, if anything like that ever happened in X, you could just restart in 9 and delete it. And…
  • More advertising! They have $4,000,000,000, surely they can spend some of it on advertising in the UK. You only see apple adverts occasionally here, and even then they're not very good. They make nothing of the fact that Macs run on an operating…
  • Can my Mum get educational discounts if she works as an assistant in a school? Andrew Why was I not informed about these things while she was at college?
  • I just put the archives from £230 of Zip disks on to about £10 of CD-RW. Hence £220 of storage space, free. The only thing that annoys me is having to erase completly and start again from scratch, but I'll find a way around that one day. Andrew
  • One word... Student Discounts Okay, that's two words but it only has one syllable. Yeah yeah, welI I know what I meant, Or do I? Andrew
  • My school is about to become an information technology specialist school, god knows how as all they're computers are Windoze PCs. I had to specifically choose subjects that we would use the computers in the least for GCSE because I HATE using Wi…