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  • Quote: Originally posted by Tidelwav Thank you!! Regarding the windows... sometimes it does come back to the size and place i left it at, but i'd say about 75% of the time, it seems to randomly pick a place to open it and the size seems …
  • Uhh... What Longhorn?
  • Quote: Originally posted by bborofka Pretty boring update... I haven't noticed any of these "enhancements" yet.... still can't even do reoccurring To-Do's Uh... yes you can, as in "repeat".
  • Quote: Originally posted by Meeces I'm cruising through the postings of desktop pictures and seeing battery icon's with full 100% charge. I'm wondering if it's even worth bothering with that mine will not charge beyond 99%, no matter if I charge…
  • Quote: Originally posted by jxfreak Do any of you experience this problem? I would be typing and suddenly the pointer goes out of whack and clicks over somewhere else. And I dont even really touch the track pad. It's just random. Is this a defec…
  • Has anyone tried to install the new 10.2.8 on a Lombard or beige desktop?
  • Quote: Originally posted by dnisbet well THANK YOU for pointing that out , if you read the post I wrote that I do like having the choice, I just suppose even after using OS X for a year i'm still getting used to the luxury. I don't see what's wr…
  • [quote]Originally posted by Torqued: tryggvi wrote: God bless you man!!!! I am going to download the trial of that puppy later on today and see how she looks. This is the best news I've had all month! If it is half as good as it looks I …
  • [quote]Originally posted by Torqued: I use a structural analysis program called Multiframe. They have stopped Mac development back at 5.2 with the Windows version now at 8.something. This is the ONLY structural analysis program available for the …
  • [quote]Originally posted by Aquatic: Being a Mac guy I'm kind of new to all this UNIX stuff. What new doors does X11 open to us? What cool stuff can I run now that I couldn't? the Gimp = Free Photoshop
  • [quote]Originally posted by TommyBrando: easy, tiger. its obviously a refrence to a running joke norm macdonald used to use on the weekend update of saturday night live. get a sense of humor. And why should Europeans have any idea what "S…