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  • Subway Footlong Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki on Parmesan Oregano bread +lettuce +tomato +onions +American cheese +pickles...a whole lot of pickles +Sweet Onion sauce +Mayonnaise mmmmmmmmm
  • Power Mac G4 DP 533 and iBook G4 1.33GHz 14 inch along with 8600 server, iMac on the floor, Cambridge Soundworks speakers, really nice IKEA desk, and other crap..more pictures can be found at the compa…
  • yeehaw
  • well it was broadcast to all the Apple stores with theaters live.
  • Quote: Originally posted by PBG4 Dude How long will Apple let the iMac go with a slower processor than the eMac? It doesn't make sense that they would do this for a prolonged period of time. ? - They're both 1.25GHz unless I'm missing somethi…
  • The Powerbooks were just updated? You make it sound like last week when it was over two months ago. Nevertheless, I wouldn't count on any Powerbooks at WWDC. HOWEVER, you said you don't need it until september. By then they'll be due for an upda…
  • If it's sleeping and you plug it in, it will wake back up. That's the way its worked on my iBook from day 1. If you plug it in when the lid is closed sometimes it does some funky stuff though like sometimes staying awake with the lid closed.
  • Have you done the obvious? Go into the iTunes Preferences on the computer the music is on and in Sharing select "Share My Music." On the computer you are trying to listen to the music on, go into the iTunes prefs and in the Sharing tab select "Loo…
    in iTunes Comment by the wiz June 2004
  • I highly suggest you rerip all your music. Not only will it sound alot better, but it should have all the correct track information and be in the right order and everything so you wont have to do that yourself.
  • I myself am not expecting anything good...but hey, ya never know. Steve has a way of surprising us all.
  • you can always install it on PearPC
  • Quote: Originally posted by trumptman Don't they sell some Powerbook Titanium paint? I know I will have to look into it because my hinge is looking like crap. Nick You'd probably have t…
  • Ever think of staying on the phone and finding out?
  • I don't go back untill September 8th.
  • Quote: Originally posted by T'hain Esh Kelch A micophone/recorder is my biggest wish.. [/B] Already built in to the new iPods....It can be accessed by going into diagnostic mode and talking into an earphone…
  • Wow, I didn't realize there were that many people there. I guess that's because I was too busy watching Steve in the RDF to look behind me
  • I would think that Apple would want to wait untill it gets a decent sized market-share before it pulls any G4 Cube-type marketing tactics again....Maybe after the G5 has been out for awhile and market share goes up to 40% we'll see something like th…
  • I saw it....There were a few really funny parts. But other than that, it pretty much sucked. The dude who wrote this was either a retard like the guys in the movie, or had to be stoned out of his mind... Honestly, movies are getting suckier and…
  • Kinda off topic cause it doesn't have to do with the specs. I have this game for PC, and it is really nothing special. It wanders away from the original game, as the point is to just build massive areas of land, very quickly, or you will not gai…