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  • "I hear ya! I'm still trying to figure out what the heck I'm going to do with bluetooth," Yes. I agree. Could someone outline the advantages of bluetooth on an imac and its possible uses. thanks.
  • Yeh... Ok. I have been sufficiently chastised. My ideas were just frustration driven... I might go crawl back under my rock and lick my wounds for a while
  • You're missing my point. I have no problems with 'discussion', or 'educated guesses'. And debating the pros and cons of posible upcoming hardware/software is useful. What isn't useful is people claiming to have inside info (ie: a friend of…
  • Matsu said, "How exactly were we way off the mark? " You've got to be kidding? Almost every conceivable possibility was suggested leading up to MWSF (imac updates, powermac updates, ipod update, itablet, iphone, ieverything etc.) ... I would h…
  • Yeh... OK. I give in. We will have to live with the BS. (I still wouldn't mind shipping a slab, for some decent info on an imac though... A slab shipped to fricken' Bolivia would cause me less grief than buying an imac now, only to have the ne…
  • Jeesh, I'm not talking wads of cash here. I for one, wouldn't mind offering a slab of beers for some decent info (particularly regarding the next imac update, for example)!
  • thanks for the replies... I didn't realise this had been so thoroughly discussed. I'll search the forums. I didn't really understand a few points raised however... 1. Apple already gets it's chips from another company, why would switchin…
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