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  • Quote: Originally posted by JimiMac Does anybody know the background music in the ad? God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters - Moby and yes... that's Kiefer!
  • Not sure if this has been posted yet. Photo of the connector:
  • Quote: Originally posted by cubist I don't see how the patent office can grant such patents. Displays with arms just like those are visible in the old Star Trek episode "The Menagerie". (Actually, that episode is derived from the original serie…
  • Quote: Originally posted by pscates How on earth do you know that? I don't mean that to sound jerky at all, but I'm curious. In any case, how can a 2" diameter sleek chrome pole be "bulky"? The LCD iMac is about the most UN-bulky thing I've ev…
  • This idea was dropped because you need two hands to control it. The handle attached to the screen releases the tension to allow for reposition. The problem is when you only have one hand. You squeeze the lever and your beautiful screen takes a dive!…
  • Quote: Originally posted by cowerd the problem with muybridge is that many sequences were pieced together from photographs made from different viewpoints (i.e. cameras failed during the sequences and other photos were spliced into the sequences).…
  • The T39m is also another great option. I have one in rose white in excellent condition and may sell it for $95.00 US. Let me know if you're interested. Thanks.
  • Quote: Originally posted by Leonis Hey boba fett What's the BB tv interview for? I did a short film called The Transfer for a festival called Digital Gun Awards. http://homepage.m…
  • I have been working in the visual effects, Film and Video, and at Alias, the 3D software company for a total of 13 years. Of all the platforms (SGI, PC, Mac) I still use my mac the most. In fact I use Maya on my Powerbook exclusively. I love Panther…
  • You cannot use DVD-RW media in powerbooks to record. At least not on my 1GHZ Ti.
  • I run with my 30GB using the inCase iPod belt. Works great and even has space for a credit card and keys. Bob
  • No color but the T39 is a good deal on Ebay. I just got one and Bluetooth works well with iSync.
  • You can find good deals on eBay for the T39 Ericsson Bluetooth phone. I should be getting it soon. It's not as small as the V60, but still very slim.
  • Quote: Originally posted by ast3r3x i see no option...oh well i was just curious cuz i thought it would be nice I don't have a canon, but my sony and Olympus both mount the cards on the desktop. You do not need to set this in any preference …
  • Quote: Originally posted by ast3r3x Is there a way to use my Canon A40 as a card reader...when i connect it Image Capture opens up which is fine and dandy but isn't there a way to mount the drive so i can use it as portable storage? You can c…
  • Quote: Originally posted by JBL Where does it say this? Not that I don't believe you but that would be really irritating. As far as I can see the point of iPhoto is to have all of your pictures in one place. I don't want to split my library into …
  • apparently, Apple recommends backing up then removing your library if it's over 700MB. Another solution is to create different iPhoto libraries that are under 700MBs. I think iPhoto is up for an update soon.
  • Quote: Originally posted by blue2kdave If anyone likes scuba diving, you might like our site. Nice pics dave. What camera are you using?
  • I have been using .mac for over a year and feel it's totally worth it. I certainly like it just for syncing my powerbook and powermac. Aside from putting photos up on the web effortlessly, I use the public folder to transfer large files to friend an…
  • Quote: Originally posted by Dog Almighty GREAT SCOTT! My GOD, it looks like 1.21 Gigawatts!