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  • I'm betting that if we see the MBP announced at WWDC, it will be Leopard-related, with the MBP supporting in hardware some new Leopard features. It's probably worth bearing in mind that this MBP rev will have originally been designed to ship alon…
  • ATI says the new 2000-series GPUs are shipping in laptops "beginning in late May" ... without a CPU update though (a decent one, which is a ways off) that could still make the update OK for pre-WWDC announcement.
  • It's not just the reported EOL that is making people expect an update. Powerbooks simply aren't shipping at the moment - even at the US Apple Online Store, try and stick so much as an extra 256mb of RAM in one and it will only ship in 7-10 days. …
  • If they really want a quiet announcement that slips under the radar, then a week with a public holiday is a good time to announce the updates.
  • Hmmm ... Airport ... Airport Extreme ... Make way for ... Airport Absurd!
  • If you need the machine now, but it. If you don't, I would wait. Apple needs to update the 'books somehow and soon. It's just a matter of what they change. I would at least expect to see a faster GPU, possibly a Radeon Mobility 9800, which is …
  • Imiloa makes a lot of sense. I was down playing with a 15" PB next to a new iBook yesterday, as I also have some cash to drop on a new PB when I think the time is right. The 15" was no more snappy than the iBook at the variety of everyday task…
  • An interesting question might be just how much faster a G5 PowerBook is going to be. These benchmarks at http://www.barefeats.com/imacg5.html seem to suggest that if you pit a current 1.5Ghz model PB G4 against a current model 18 Ghz iMac G5, the…
  • I don't think we'll be seeing a G5 in a PowerBook anytime soon. And when we do, it looks like it will be a machine that gets very hot, uses battery at a rate of knots, and so on. What that could mean is that Apple has the opportunity to put to…
  • Well I'm not sure that the 4G iPods have BT, but a BT remote could be quite handy, and the range could be OK. I have an old B&W G3 set up as a server, and I have it running Sailing Clicker so I can use my T610 as a remote for Airtunes. I h…
  • 151. 10 gb Windows iPod. Reformated to HFS when I realised that what I really needed was a shiny new iBook! (It works much better than the old Mac Portable I used to have...unlike my P3 Toshiba Satellite...!)
  • Happened to mine about three weeks ago. New motherboard and all is OK.... ...that is, after they installed a 700 MHz iBook motherboard into my 800 MHz iBook and had to repeat the exercise! (grrrr...)
  • [quote] I believe we shall see a little something next week. An iPod is a little something... (anyone tried ordering one recently?)
  • I wouldn't be surprised to see the iBooks staying a generation of chips behind the AlBooks. So as the AlBooks move up to a next gen of chips, I would expect to see the iBook get a G4. Keeps a clean product differentiation, and allows Apple to inc…