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  • I admit it, you have intriged me. It does seem like a logical next step to do to movies, what Apple has already done to music. Namely first come out with a portable movie player that doesn't suck tm and then come out with a service to offer movies…
  • I have seen that icon before in the install for RedHat 8. It is not suppose to be a iMac, it is suppose to be a generic LCD display with a rounded bottom. Sometimes it is shown alone, and sometimes it is shown with an accompaning tower. However, …
  • While politically/economically it may be a good idea to port safari over to Windows, technically, the argument looks much worse. In order to port Safari to windows, Apple would have to port the cocoa frameworks to windows first, because that is wha…
  • Well, I adjusted it again, only this time I didn't mess around. I went to a room with natural lighting conditions (sunlight), I positioned myself so that I would have a natural viewing angle and I used a "real" mouse instead of the trackpad, but I …
  • Darn, that is what I feared. I have calibrated it twice now and I got the same result both times, everything looks nice, but AI turns purple. Maybe I am calibrating something wrong, I am not sure. Does anyone out there have any experience with Su…
  • At some level I have to agree with Massiah when he says "I don't think we'll see huge clock speed increases for the initial launch of the 970. Right now Apple will be trying to figure out how SLOW a clock speed they can get away with." Apple …