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  • Is there any indication that this will be used on finder windows and other UI elements as well?   I like the dark menus and dock, but expanding it to the who experience would be a great option.
  • I could never get the .Mac backups to work for me. I would upload the files, and then try to sync them a few days later. Almost every time, it would say something was corrupted and had to rebuild the backup file. I don't think I ever got more t…
  • I have a request for Safari that is kind of the opposite. Anyone know if the auto complete will let you type in your bookmarks name and bring it up? For instance, I have a bookmark called NBA scores. The actual url is…
  • Has anyone tried to remove the .Mac pref pane? It's not quite worth it to me to risk it. If nobody has experience, then maybe I'll try before I upgrade to TIger. That way I'll already be backed up and ready to deal with a complete overhaul.
  • Great. That is the way it should be. I haven't had classic installed for at least a couple years and it always bugged me that I had to have that in the pref pane. Now it only there was a way to get rid of the .Mac prefs.
  • Can Mail's mailboxes side pane be moved to the right side?
  • Quote: Originally posted by coldman1 Mail toolbar icons DO NOT have a small option. Tiger is VERY polished. Startup, copying, browsing, everything is sooooo smooth. Good to hear that it is very polished. Disappointed that Mail icons do no…
  • Do the new Mail toolbar icons have a small option like other apps? If so, could someone post a pic? I always end up using the small icons to save a little real estate and make things look a little cleaner. Thanks.
  • Please write to apple and let them know that the buttons definitely need improvement. Personally, I like the rest of the GUI changes. But the buttons are cheesy. They look like something MS would have designed for their Mac software when OS X f…
  • Tighter icon spacing on the desktop ... PLEASE!!! I would like there to be an option to adjust the spacing of icons. I don't really care if some the files with long names start to run into each other. I just don't want each icon placed three in…
  • Thanks for the ebay link. I think I would ebay if I could guarantee $1350 or so. With my educational discount, I wouldn't have to pitch in too much more for a new 12". Any tips on getting the best response on the auction? Or know anyone wh…
  • Specs are: 800 MHz 40.0 GB hard drive 512 MB SDRAM (1 empty slot) DVD/CD-RW Combo Drive I still have the original box and included items such as DVI/VGA adapter and Composite/S-video output adapter. I don't have access to a digital …
  • as a side note, I like how the selected preference pane in now highlighted in the tool bar. This is something I have been wanting apple to put in.