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  • I basically didn't really care about the 6th book all that much. Partially because the ending was spoiled for me(though I did have my suspicions prior, the effect is still hurt when you KNOW the end, which speaks to how these books are weak sauce. T…
  • Quote: Originally posted by BuonRotto We'll see Gooffice before we see GoOS methinks. I think they'll make an OS simply for the fact they can all it Goose.
  • Oh man, I love this stuff. I used to be pretty heavily into photography. I've always had a big fascination with the intricacies of the human eye(what an amazing thing!) But, at the same time, eyes make my squeamish. Oh well. Great discussion tho…
  • I think addabox is mostly right in a cynical/subversive sort of way, but the more simplistic, and overtly observable reason is the fact that movies that are about a specific thing tend to come in waves. There will be a handful of WW2 movies within a…
  • Well, The doctor from babylon 5 is a foundationalist. Which, isn't quite atheistic, but it's pretty similar to where I (an admitted atheist) stand. Essentially, his religion was created once we discovered extra terrestrial sentient life. The ide…
  • I think it's not outside the realm of possibility that apple might do limited licensing to key manufacturers in the future. I could see apple doing it if the name 'apple' for computers starts to become as powerful as the name 'ipod' for mp3 players.…
  • I was taking out the trash the other day and I opened up the recycling bin and guess who was in there? mother-fscking steve wozniak, I said "hey! but you don't work for apple anymore" and then he shot me with a tranq dart. The rest is kind of a blur…