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  • iPhone 13 Pro Max has world's best smartphone display, according to DisplayMate

    traya said:
    Shouldn’t the iPhone 13 Pro get some lovin’ here too; same screen, just smaller?
    The Max actually has a slightly lower PPI than the regular 13/Pro. 
  • Design failure in Apple's Time Capsule leads to data loss

    Another reason I started using Time Machine Editor over 10 years ago with my previous generation Time Capsule, and it's always been used with my latest gen. It only runs one time per day, or if I would happen to need to extract data from it, which isn't often. I, also, retired it as my primary home network in favor of a mesh setup, so its sole purpose is for Time Machine backups, and to run the Airport Express I have connected to my home camera system to make it wireless. Nine years later, and it still works as designed. 
  • Apple Silicon M1 24-inch iMac review: Computing power for the masses

    darkvader said:
    tedz98 said:
    I have a new strategy for Mac purchases: I’m buying a Mac mini M1 and a nice monitor. I’ll buy a low end Mini which makes it affordable and easy to upgrade by replacing it. This way I can have the benefits of new compute technology every 2-3 years without having to pay for the cost of the monitor.

    My strategy is to pick up Intel Macs for as cheap as I can as quickly as I can.  I'm not going to M1, I've been through too many architecture changes already, and I'm not doing this one.  I've used the M1s, and contrary to the reports, they're slower than Intel in real world use.

    I figure the last Mac I'll ever get will be an Intel Mac Pro in a few years.  Maybe a 16" Intel MBP.  And that'll be it for the Mac, I'm already making friends with Xubuntu.
    As others have said, you're hilarious! 

    Even under emulation, my M1 MBP is extremely fast, cool and efficient. Apps that would make my Intel (2019) MBP's fan scream (VirtualDJ), can't even make the M1 run warm enough to turn on the fan, let alone make it scream, and bog the whole system down... using Rosetta 2. 

    I've owned a variety of Macs since 2009, and the M1 is the most impressive to date. Even RAM management is a huge improvement, with 8GB feeling more like 16GB in many cases. I can't get this thing to use more than 50%, though I know it's possible to tax it. It just takes a lot more. 
  • Epson's EcoTank ET-4760 review: a multi-function powerhouse at a steep price

    I bought an ET-2750 refurb from Epson's website to use as a dedicated sublimation printer. It's been working great for my needs*.

    * When I received it, setup showed it needed the ink pad replaced by Epson, and would not finish setup. Epson was useless for support. I found a website who offered a software workaround for about $11. I would've returned it, but they were now out of stock, and I already filled it with sublimation ink, so they would most likely deny any warranty coverage. 

    I plan to pick up an ET-15000 for larger prints in the future. 
  • Car and Driver Intellidash+ review: a painless way to add CarPlay to your vehicle

    That's a little too pricy for not offering wireless CarPlay. I found a solution for similar money to add wireless CarPlay for Ford/Lincoln MyTouch Sync 2 systems, and installation doesn't look too bad, maybe an hour. I might pull the trigger on one in a week or two.

    Actually, this could be done with a cheap Android tablet or old jailbroken iPad for much less.