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  • Apple's 'iPhone 12' to include hardened 'Ceramic Shield' glass coating

    How about getting rid of the useless curved glass design that protrudes above the iPhone's body? It simply makes the glass easier to break when it's dropped on any of the corners or sides.
    From the sounds of leaks going back almost a year, that's what will happen. The design is going more towards the 4/5 era, squared off iPhones. 
  • Oracle's TikTok deal fails to resolve US security concerns [u]

    cat52 said:
    DAalseth said:
    Of course the White House isn't Happy. This whole thing is a political sham. BS to try and win votes by being hard on the Chinese. They want to nurse it out as long as they can get the press to pay attention.

    With everything else going on in 2020, do you really think Trump being hard on TikTok is going to influence the average Joe to vote one way or the other?

    Since all of us here are ardent technophiles, we tend to magnify such things out of all proportion to how average folk see them, that is, assuming they see them at all.

    So the whole schtick that Trump is going hard on TikTok for purely political reasons is a pretty ridiculous claim to make...

    But at least you didn't mention the canard that Trump is going after TikTok due to TikTok supposedly embarrassing him at the Tulsa rally.  I mean, I think the dude has more important things to attend to, for instance the various Mideast peace deals recently announced etc etc.

    LOL! Peace deals with countries who the US has been peaceful with already? LOL, talk about a sham! Trump was embarrassed, period. This is EXACTLY the kind of thing he prefers to put his effort into, instead of, you know... a global pandemic, with hundreds of thousands of American lives at stake. 
  • Review: Nomad Base Station Pro is the free-placement wireless charger we've been waiting f...

    MplsP said:
    “ When you drop your iPhone atop a wireless charging pad, you need to have it close to center before it begins charging. If you place it just off, it won't charge — leaving you with a dead device the following day.”

    This is one of the critical flaws of wireless charging. I tried a Belkin Qi charger I got from my son and I had 2 failures in 2 weeks. The lite would initially be green so you thought it was charging but would then go out if you weren’t properly placed. 

    I still don’t understand the infatuation with wireless charging. It’s inferior in every way with the exception of a minor increase in convenience, and even that is often negated by the placement issues. (Unless you pay $230 for a fancy mat.) 

    so...more expensive, slower, doesn’t work with some cases or pop-sockets, wastes more power charging, uses powers even when not charging, and less reliable. I’ll stick with a lightning cable - it hasn’t let me down yet!
    Sorry about your failed Belkin chargers, but I've been using a couple from Five Below ($5 each) for a couple years, and they're still working. I've gone wireless since the iPhone 8 came out, and I can probably count on one hand how many times I've plugged in my iPhones since then. I have a Qi charger in my car, too. 

    Oh, unless you bought the iPhone 11 Pro (or Max), you only got a 5W charger in the box. A good 7.5W Qi charger is 50% faster, and it's really not hard to get a phone centered on one. I think I woke up to a not-fully-charged iPhone once, but it was because of alcohol. My chances of plugging in my phone would have been probably just as successful. 
  • Review: Nomad Base Station Pro is the free-placement wireless charger we've been waiting f...

    Nope. Way too expensive for what it is. For 1/3 of the price, I can have 3 good Qi charging pads (if I need that many). The problem is, I have 3 devices I'd need to charge, and this doesn't support one (Watch). So, for about $200 less, I can have 1 good Qi pad that'll charge my iPhone when needed, and AirPods Pro when the phone isn't charging. 

    How much did everyone predict Apple's AirPower would cost? $150? Didn't everyone say that was too expensive? At least Apple's version was intended to work with the Watch, too. 
  • Smart TV adoption outpacing streaming devices like Apple TV, Roku

    My 2018 (purchased this past December) Samsung 65" QLED uses Tizen OS. It's the best I've seen, as far as "smart" TVs, but I never use it. I'm more than content with my Apple TV 4K as my primary media device. It's a lot more powerful than any "smart" TV on the market. I was impressed to get an update on it with Apple TV+ right after purchase, but it's not enough for me to use it on the TV. 

    The biggest feature that impresses me the most with the TV, is the near instant turn on when I turn on the Apple TV. Literally, the TV is up and running in less than 3 seconds.