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  • Apple surveying users about iPhone AC adapters amid rumors they'll be sold separately

    No, i don't need another crappy old 5W charger --- Apple should have stopped shipping them when the fast charge iPhone 8 came out.

    It's time they shipped an 18-30 Watt USB-C charger.  I (will) need one and so does most everybody else who will be buying a new phone. 
    When I pay a grand for a phone I don't want to shell out more to be able charge the  thing.

    Don't go K-mart on me Apple!
    You do realize the 11 Pro line comes with an 18W USB-C power block, right?
  • All the new faces and complications coming in watchOS 7

    I don't have a problem w/ watchOS or its functionality.

    What I do have a problem with is their insistence on using 1/2-second ticks rather than 1-second (which is also 1-minute) ticks on all the analog faces. I can't imagine who 1/2-second ticks are useful to and why they override the vast majority of people who want to mark the seconds hand going past entire seconds, or mark the big hand against solid minutes.
    I'm going to assume you're referring to the sweeping second hand (zero ticks at all). That's how high-end watches, especially Rolex, have always done it. Those buyers are spending upwards of $130,000 for a watch, and none of them complain about the sweeping second hand. There are the stopwatch and timer which count seconds. 
  • Force Touch support to be dropped in watchOS 7

    rwx9901 said:
    Complete BS.  I use Force Touch on both my phone and watch.  I just don't understand the step backward by Apple.  This is why I didn't "upgrade" to the iPhone 11 since it was no longer supported.  Now I won't have a choice on my watch due to the new operating system?  Just complete bull.
    Honestly, I don't miss it on my 11 Pro Max. I've adjusted to the new way, just as I adjusted to the old way when it came about. Not a huge difference. 
  • VMWare Fusion announces macOS Big Sur-compatible tech preview

    sflocal said:
    I run Windows on all my Macs using VMWare.  Unfortunately, some of my development tools (IBM) are Windows-only and it's not going to change.  I hope there is a path for VMWare to run Windows x86(64) on ARM.  It's only used for business apps so it's not necessarily needed to be a max-performance setup.  

    I watched the keynote and I got the impression that while MacOS will run x86 for the next few years, I feel it's going to take the back-burner as time goes on to focus more on MacOS(ARM) edition.

    I was planning to buy an iMac this year to replace my 2015 iMac.  I still might, but I think I'm going to wait to see what the ARM Macs will do.  It's pretty exciting and I understand and support Apple's reasons for doing so.  Intel screwed up (as usual), and I don't believe Apple will ever go with AMD, although that would be nice.

    I think Apple's CPU offerings are superior to what Intel has been offering.  I'm excited to see how far Apple will take this approach.  High performance, with low heat will make for some exciting iMac designs.  I just hope they still include user-upgradeable RAM and hopefully not turn it into a giant iPad on a stand with everything sealed.
    The 21" iMac has been sealed since the last redesign. Only the 27" model has upgradable RAM with an access panel.
  • 'iPhone 12 Pro Max' design detailed in new video

    digitol said:
    Seriously. Kill the Notch.
    When technology advancement allows it, Apple will do it. It won't happen a moment before. Apple isn't Samsung, or any of the companies who make an iPhone X me-too phone.

    The notch serves a very crucial purpose at this point. I've had the X, XS Max and now the 11 Pro Max. Seriously, the notch really doesn't matter. At the screen ratio, stretching any video crops it anyway. No videos are natively at that ratio.

    The notch doesn't matter.
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