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  • The top malware threat for macOS infects one in 10 users

    daven said:
    I guess I'm not one of the one in ten. I removed flash years ago and have closed all pages saying I needed to update Flash. But it would be nice to know of a way to check for the virus.
    Malwarebytes is plenty good, even the free version.
  • The top malware threat for macOS infects one in 10 users

    So... a Russian owned computer security company is throwing out red flags and fear mongering to push sales of its software... Sure... No financial gain for that kinda BS... Just having GateKeeper enabled will help thwart such crap from infecting a Mac. Considering the tech savvy level of the average user, GateKeeper will catch it before it's a problem. No need to waste money on Putinerskry software. Another clickbait article. 
  • CIRP: iPhone 11 dominated US iPhone sales this quarter

    tht said:
    Still have to wait and see for Apple’s holiday quarter financial report. Signs are good that Apple had good iPhone sales. Looks like the prices on the iPhone XR and iPhone 11 did their job.

    Still holding on to my 6S Plus. Might have to finally upgrade in Fall of 2020. Hoping that the rumors of a notchless iPhone is going to be true for 2020. Kind of hoping it would be, but oh well.
    If the notch has been keeping you from upgrading, you're missing out on a lot. It doesn't take long to adjust to having it, and the only time it really might be noticeable is fullscreen videos. Otherwise, the areas on either side of the notch aren't generally used for much, and just appear there for information (signal strength, battery, etc.), very similar to iPhones without a notch.
  • Apple loses ground to Samsung in European smartphone market

    KidGloves said:
    Apple is selling the 256GB iPhone 8 for more than a 512GB Galaxy S10. There's your problem right there for Apple.
    In a world where top-line Android phones are decent all-round machines, Apple is seen a being greedy. As a 30 year Apple user who has bought tens of thousands of pounds worth of Apple gear in that time, I'm getting totally fed up with the high prices and limited choice in each segment such as desktop Macs.
    In the past, it was worth it as Windows was a nightmare world I didn't want to enter into. Now though Windows and Android have got to the point of being passable. I might just make the move.
    There used to be an old saying that went something like... “You get what you pay for.” If you’re happy with “just good enough,” then have at it. 
  • I replaced my Mac with my iPad Pro for a week -- here's how it went

    I’ve been using my ‘18 iPad Pro 12.9” as my daily driver, with the Apple Folio Keyboard and Pencil, for quite a while, now. I’ve adjusted quite well, and rarely miss an actual computer. There are still a couple tasks that the iPad just can’t handle, but it isn’t often I have that issue. I never thought I’d be able to live with just an iPad for nearly everything I do.