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  • Apple may show modular Mac Pro, new external 6K Pro display at WWDC 2019

    I can't believe how long it takes one of the most valuable companies in the world with near endless resources so long to make a computer when they've been in the computer making business for over 40 years. It's so embarrassing. Pointless iterations of iPhone after iPhone because they sell well. The computers might sell a bit better if they updated them once in a while  :|
  • EU to investigate Apple following Spotify anti-competition complaint

    apple ][ said:
    avon b7 said:
    apple ][ said:
    I don't trust anything EU related, what a bunch of sick clowns. Apple created and run their own App Store, and any developer signing up knows about and agreed to the rules regarding the cut, etc.
    By the same token, Apple knows the rules of operating within the EU but then again this isn't about agreeing to Apple's rules but if the rules themselves are 'legal'.
    Apple should go to war against the EU. Their rules are often changing and new rules are constantly being made up all of the time. Perhaps it's time to break up the EU. That already seems to have begun, thankfully. 

    I don't mean war as in dropping actual bombs on them of course. Apple is not in the business of making smart bombs, not yet at least, though I'm sure that they would look awesome and have a sleek and clean design if it were to happen, but I do mean that Apple should view the EU as an enemy, because that's certainly how the EU views Apple and other American tech giants.

    Just the other day, some EU clown named Donald Tusk warned: The world needs to be wary of the rise of tech giants such as Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon, comparing their powers to those of countries such as China, European Council President Donald Tusk said in Warsaw on Friday.

    Apple should definitely view the EU as a hostile entity and as their enemy and Apple should treat them accordingly, with great suspicion and with extreme caution.

    Every demand and inquiry from the EU should be fought and contested using all legal methods available.

    The EU has a habit of trying to shake down certain big and rich American tech companies whenever they need some money.

    The EU sure likes to warn others a lot.

    If the EU ever tries to break up Apple, then the USA should respond in kind with numerous punitive measures in exchange, including pulling completely out of all military alliances with them, as they're basically freeloaders who don't pay their fair share.

     :D  paranoid Americans are the best
  • Apple loses three core members of small industrial design team

    so that explains the renders of the back of the new iPhone  :# :s
  • Two new AirPods models, one with new design, coming in 2019 & 2020 says Ming-Chi Kuo

    Just make a black option. Screw every other change it's not difficult
  • Apple cancels AirPower wireless charging mat, citing quality issues

    announce wireless AirPods, take all the orders for a week or two then cancel the wireless charger everyone was expecting to plop them on, never change apple  :D