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  • Apple's AirPower charging mat launching 'in late March,' possibly in large quantities

    shev said:
    Anything more than $79 and I won’t be buying it me no thinks 
    It’s a charger bro  :|
  • Latest iOS beta hints at 'AirPods 2' with 'Hey Siri' setup screen

    AirPod is one of my all-time favorite Apple product. I never want to go back to wired ones. One of the first things I’ll do when buying the second generation though is disabling the least favorite ‘product’: Siri
    this, it's just bobbins. tried it a few times while running to change track etc. , NEVER worked. What's the point. Matte black version, and slightly improved next track previous track play pause implementation and I'm in
  • Apple repair policy critic vows to fight 'counterfeit' battery seizure by U.S. customs

    sflocal said:
    Those of you who haven't watched Rossmann's YouTube videos really should.  I originally had issues with his rants, but after watching a lot of his repair videos, I really have quite a bit of respect for the guy.  He reminds me of those old-school honest, garage repairman prodigies.  He really knows his stuff and he genuinely wants to put the customer first.  He makes a sh!tload of money (I'm guessing) in repairing machines that Apple will not service, or makes it too expensive to service.

    I've seen quite a few of his videos where a customer has a MacBook serviced BY APPLE, or the customer purchased a refurbished MacBook (FROM APPLE) and showing to the world the dismal quality of the repair.  Bad solders, grimy PCB, etc.. Rossman knows his stuff.  I'll give him that.

    On the flip side, Rossmann is a very angry person when it comes to Apple's corporate decisions.  He makes a good living pandering to the Applehaters and YouTube trolls, but I'll give him credit where credit is due.  That news report was damning to Apple and frankly, Apple deserved it.  It was beyond an embarrassment how Apple's genius people essentially lied to the customer, only to have Rossman fully document on video the problem and was fixed (for free) in minutes, or give an option to properly repair the problem for $75-$150.  That's old-school pride.

    I see both sides.  I understand Apple's position with 3rd-party repairs, but I also see point that Rossmann makes.  The reality is that people that have their Apple products serviced by 3rd party people - only to have them break again - will simply blame Apple in the end, which is why I know why Apple does what they do.  However, people like Rossmann should have the ability and tools necessary to repair Mac products.  

    The reality is that it's hard to find people with Rossmann's technical abilities that will work for shops like Apple.  They most likely would not be able to afford him, or people like him.  It's sad but true.  
    there is no room on this message board for such a well put statement.  :D

    Apple act like c*nts sometimes. End of.
  • Construction delays leave Apple's iconic London Battersea offices in doubt

    The surrounding developments of Battersea from the same company are also being hammered for their uninspiring bland architecture, destruction of the viewing angles of the power station itself, as well as their exorbitant purchase cost. Here nominated in the Carbuncle Cup shortlist for architecture’s wooden spoon 2017

  • Apple Watch Series 4 is here with full-screen OLED display, slimmer chassis

    Defo picking one of these up, will be my first Apple Watch. Sucks that the ECG isn't available outside the US. I'll be buying in the US and bringing it back to the UK, wonder if it will work?