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  • Leaked 'Amber Lake' Intel processors could be used in 12-inch MacBook refresh

    macxpress said:
    I was hoping the next 12" MacBook refresh/update would have an Apple CPU/GPU inside of it. 
    lol rofl aha aha. A ridiculous concept - a) to lose Intel compatibility, b) for all the heartache,  c) makes no sense: if it is faster, then it not suited to the bottom end;  and if it is slower, who wants it anyway. 
  • Apple & Blackmagic launch new eGPU to match updated MacBook Pros

    Cool design, good price point (esp compared to some hubs), quiet and fast. Impressed.
  • Apple's new macOS Mojave optimizes the Mac for iOS users, not PC switchers

    I may not like PCs (well, Windows), but even I would have to admit that moving from a PC to an iPad is not an upgrade. They are totally different things. As Tim Cook appears to advocate, an iPad is not a 'computer' - I could not possibly imagine doing my research work on it, or running Mathematica on it, or writing a serious paper on it.

    I have noticed that iPads are very popular with 5 to 10 year olds:  the parents give it to them to shut the kids up, and they doodle away with it on the couch (instead of sitting in front of the idiot box).
  • Mac mini: What we want to see in an update to Apple's low-cost desktop

    Don't need a new form; don't need new peripherals. Just a new mini + a monitor to hook it up with.
  • Sonnet ships $199 Solo 10G Thunderbolt 3 Ethernet adapter offering 10 gigabit connectivity...

    Unfortunately soli, your entire premise is completely confused. Almost every hotel room is wired with ethernet. It is THE standard for networking. Long after Thunderbolt is gone, just like Firewire and Geoport and ADB and all the other transitory connectors have gone, Ethernet will still be the standard because it is EVERYWHERE and connects everything. The arguments about 10G Ethernet today are exactly the same ones I heard about 1gig ethernet when it came out (who needs it?, you would have to be in media to want it, my internet connection isn't that fast etc etc), and the same arguments about 100Mb Cat 5 before that. My electrician laughed at me when I installed Cat6 cable when Cat5 was the norm ... 'you will never need it' ... now it is the standard. And it is a delight for streaming those Bluray movies and Time Machine backups to a remote room. It keeps on evolving, keeps on getting faster, and has shown amazing robustness for growth over the same Cat 6 or Cat6e cables, and is the most versatile medium for robust and safe connections for printing, security cameras, phones, server streaming -- everything. You just plug anything in, anywhere, on the same network, in any configuration, and everything just talks to everything.