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  • Apple Studio Display review: How badly do you want an all-Apple experience?

    " Going for the tilt- and height-adjustable version adds the ability to shift the height up and down"  

    No - the so-called height adjustable stand ONLY allows the height to go upwards - it does not offer any settings that result in the monitor sitting lower than the fixed version. This is yet another major design flaw in the Studio Display ... along with:
    * the 60Hz refresh rate,
    * no HDR
    * the hardwired rear cable
    * the hole in the stand that is visible from the front (because they set the monitor too high)
    * webcam quality problems
    * monitor technology is years old
    * only supports Thunderbolt 3 (when the accompanying Mac supports Thunderbolt 4)
    * cannot change from Landscape to Portrait with standard stand.

  • First ARM-based MacBook coming by end of 2020, says Ming-Chi Kuo

    If it is so powerful and wonderful, why not start by replacing the Mac Pro with this piece of wunder ARM supercomputing?  Oh - they are not - apparently!??  Oh wait - It is for the lowest-end entry model. i.e. read it as pile of low end designed to save costs. Methinks a distraction, confusion and a waste of time.
  • Apple's new Mac Pro is being manufactured in China

    Apple will not need to build the new Mac Pro in mass quantities, because they are only going to sell 102 of them. Or some small number catering to a high-end niche. Given what is happening at the political level, that decision to produce a niche high-end product off-shore appears to be ill-considered, and will very likely soon be the subject of a tariff. That should come as no surprise. 
  • Apple debuts new $5999 Mac Pro with up to 28-core Xeon processors

    Power demands are ridiculous. Fan demands are ridiculous. And with 3 huge fans, this will be noisy too (I look forward to seeing those specs - don't trust the comment about putting it under your desk, and then it is quiet). Most of the speed improvements seem to be coming from increasing the number of cores to 28 ... which is fine if your problem breaks down nicely into parallel chunks ... but many problems don't, and for those we just need simple raw power increase ... not shown in the examples. I do like the dual 10G Ethernet - that will be everywhere soon enough.
  • No, '250 scientists' didn't warn that AirPods are a cancer risk

    Anyone who sticks a Bluetooth radiating device INTO their head ... needs their head examined. Well done to Yahoo for pointing out the obvious.