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  • SharePlay isn't arriving with macOS Monterey, iOS 15 launch

    Ugh these stupid, ignorant comments on every article now. 
    And they even get a thumbs up. 
  • Apple denied Microsoft request to bypass 30% commission for Office

    Alex_V said:
    Microsoft is a trillion dollar
    Company, why should Apple allow them to bypass the fee?
    how about Microsoft let Apple sell iPhones in their stores too?
    are these people all communists owned by China like Tim Weenie?

    You call him “Tim Weenie,” homophobic much? In your mind, Tim Cook is a communist even as he runs the world’s largest, by “capitalisation” (the clue is in the word), private enterprise company. Microsoft demanding discounts to improve their bottom line is “communist”?? Are you three years old? Do you have any idea what you are talking about?
    Trey_Lance is referring to Tim Sweeny - the Epic CEO, as Tim Weenie. He's been going on and on about Epic being a Chinese company.
  • AirTag review: sets out to do one thing, and does it near perfectly

    William, I picked up the AirTags in India and they do show distance in metres.

  • New Apple TV Siri Remote incompatible with some tvOS games

    One of Apple's biggest missteps with gaming was the requirement that games for the Apple TV should be playable using the Siri Remote. I speculate that the requirement pretty much killed any complex games from being developed and destroyed the potential of the Apple TV for games.

    I can understand that it didn't make sense for Apple to allow for games on the Apple TV, but not have any dedicated first-party controller - hence them deciding to set the Siri Remote as the official controller. 
    It may have been better for them to have debuted Apple TV games with a dedicated game controller. 

    Of course the have access to all the data points they need and I guess it didn't make sense for them to make a controller. 
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  • Microsoft uses weak arguments to say Surface Pro 7 is better than iPad Pro

    I have a Surface Pro 4 - which was purchased in 2016. Right now, the Screen is swollen and is popping off. It cannot be used without an external monitor. 
    I also have the first generation iPad from 2010. It has no physical wear and still works how it did back when I bought it.