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  • MacBook, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro: which one is right for you?

    It's the maxed out 15" MBP w/ Touchbar for me. Not that I need it - it's just that I have this compulsion to super-size all my Apple hardware.
  • MacBook, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro: which one is right for you?

    MplsP said:
    jdw said:
    MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro: which is right for you?
    The answer is "NONE."

    Virtually no keyboard tactile feedback, no SD card slot (yes, Cupertino worshipers, some of us really use it and want it built-in), not even one USB-A port (which is still ubiquitous today and shall be 10 years hence), no MagSafe, no LED on charging cable, no extended power cord in the box, no glowing Apple logo on back (not necessary, but even Apple showed it off those machines their latest keynote video because they look lovely to behold), and ever thinning designs that leave little room for adequate cooling on higher performance MacBook "Pro" models -- all spell a BIG "NO!" when it comes to this veteran Mac lover choosing any of Apple's notebooks today.

    The mid-2015 15" MBP top end model with dGPU is the last great MacBook Pro that really is "Pro" in terms of practical usability that allows me to lead a largely dongle free life.  Performance even today isn't that bad either.  I DARE Apple to bring it back with a modern GPU and CPU and one USB-C/TB3 port added (and nothing else taken away), and see how well it sales FAR OUTSHINE any other MacBook Pro.  I DARE APPLE TO DO IT.  I dare Apple to finally THINK DIFFERENT on behalf The Rest of Us rather themselves.

    JDW raises several valid points about design choices of the new MacBooks that were a step backwards in terms of usability. by your boredom I gather you don't care about usability?

    Maybe fastasleep is aware of JDW's posting history.

  • Reduced iPhone battery life blamed on adoption of OLED screens

    cpsro said:
    Initially the battery life of my Max seemed dramatically worse than the old X (which was fantastic), but after ~ a couple weeks, the Max seemed to be doing as well as the X.  (This is all very scientific, mind you.) I was wondering if, for example, the Bionic side of things runs in the background, until it learns about you or your photos or your ____, and then things settle down to a more copasetic rate of battery consumption.
    Basically, every tester could be right, including Consumer Reports, just depending on when they tested.

    That is the exact same behaviour I saw as well. My XS Max seemed to drain faster than my X. Now, about 1.5 months later, the XS Max is doing really well.

    I also think that the bug, where it wouldn't charge till it was unlocked on occasions, may have played a part as well. I was caught off-guard a couple of times by that.

  • Watch: iPhone XS Max versus Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in audio test

    One of the ways I listen to music now is, I get onto my sofa and put the XS Max behind my head, supporting it between the sofa and my neck. When I do this, I get a nice volume and good stereo separation. It's like listening with a pair of earphones.
  • Apple Music estimated at 21M North American listeners, converting at 2.5 times rate of Spo...

    The best part is when I "SoundHound" a track, it finds the song from Apple Music and automatically adds it to a Playlist.

    Shazam does this too.