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  • iPhone 14 will be sold in Russia despite Apple's departure

    What people need to realize is that the majority of a country's population generally wants to be friendly to other countries. It's the politicians and government along with the fringe that ruin everything. I don't have any issues with Russians, in fact I ran into a Russian student who was doing post grad work in the US. She was nice. Putin is the face of Russia but I really don't think he's the embodiment of Russian citizens. 
  • Preorders for iPhone 14, AirPods Pro 2 have started

    Pro Max, black, 256GB delivering 9/26 (already delayed or this configuration was going to be delayed anyway).

    Did the pre-order and it went fine for me. No problems with Apple Pay because it was done earlier. Got unlocked version using Apple Card payments. Also ordered a leather Strada case from Otterbox. It should arrive before iPhone. Traded in my iPhone 11 Pro Max (2.5mm shorter). Easier to do this than to try and find someone who wanted to pay me for my old one.
  • Tim Cook made it clear that Apple won't adopt RCS any time soon

    The fewer things from Google the better. I totally agree with Tim. There's no reason for Apple to change to an inferior product. Rich Communication Services is a joke of a name, there's nothing "rich" about anything from Google.
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  • 'Servant' plagiarism trial against Apple will proceed with a full jury

    I wonder if Hallmark will be sued for all the Cinderella-type movies they show. I've see about ten movies using the same plot in the last year. Movies are regularly knock-offs of other movies so what's the big deal? Same with books. Actually, same with apps!
  • US DOJ prepping antitrust case against Apple

    mknelson said:
    rob53 said:
    Of course this is political but why are we spending taxpayer money on this when there are so many other issues concerning illegal corporate and personal activities that continue to go unchecked. IRS was decimated and rich people got away with murder yet nothing is done. I'm tired of all the attacks on Apple for really insignificant things.
    Nothing? The IRS budget is being increased* in that Inflation Reduction Act (I know that and I'm in Canada).
    *and that increase is causing shrill screams and made up stories about 80+K auditors from Fox and others on the right.

    gilly33 said:
    Oh wow Apple shouldn’t favor their own services. I guess Walmart, Target et al, shouldn’t compete with and favor their own brands vs. other brands. Oh and sell them cheaper. That’s unfair business practices. What a shocker. 
    This is a little different. Apple was fine with Tile, even sold Tile, but now that Airtags are out Apple seems to be making life harder for Tile and other tracker companies to work on iOS.
    "IRS was decimated" is what I said. Check the news over the past 5 years. Yes, the IRA was just signed but that doesn't mean anything has been done yet and I'm not sure it will actually happen until next year. The IRS won't be up to full strength for at least a few years. As for living in Canada, good for you but that has nothing to do with what has happened or is happening. None of this actually affects you.