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  • French iOS developers launch class action lawsuit over App Store fees

    I would like to see what these ambulance chasing lawyers would say when they were presented with "fees" (whatever that general name implies) from other companies, both in the electronic field as well as restaurants, grocery stores, department stores, auto repair, in other words every other type of business. We've all ready about fees in excess of 30% in businesses similar to Apple's App Store. It's just sad that people refuse to understand the real cost of doing business and feel they should get things for free, including the distribution of software.
  • Latest VMWare Fusion tech preview brings Windows 11 to Apple Silicon Macs

    jayweiss said:
    Parallels already supports Windows 11 (Arm) and runs macOS VMs (Arm) with no issues. VMWare Fusion has always been second fiddle to Parallels on Macs. 
    Not sure about “second fiddle”…. VMWare has always been for pro users and Parallels has been for consumers. VMWare just took their time to work out the licensing. 
    The only reason VMWare is "king" is because it's meant for servers, primarily cloud servers. It's like running Microsoft client services. Neither of these are really for consumers. I've run Fusion for a couple decades but changed to Parallels once Apple Silicon came out and I retired. I didn't have to worry about installing Windows on Macs just so we didn't have to also have a PC to run stupid business department server applications (because Microsoft refused to create decent client apps for the Mac--this was the case 10-20 years ago). As for using that term "pro" it simply means client/server type applications, not user apps. I use Windows 11 ARM on Parallels on my M1 MBA simply to try out marine software that is still Windows-only along with supporting a family member who has issues with their PC. Parallels/Fusion biggest feature (although I don't use it) is the ability to seamlessly open Windows-only apps without having to have a Windows window open, it simply opens the app. 
  • Big tech antitrust bill in danger, Chuck Schumer says

    Be sure to contact your members of the senate if you're in the US to urge them to support this bill!
    Your opinion but when it comes to Apple products, I choose to purchase their products and don’t feel other company’s products have a right to have an equal or more prominent position on Apple’s products. Grocery stores charge more for better shelf position so why isn’t Congress forcing them to provide equal or random center or eye level prime positioning to everyone for the same price?
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  • Big tech antitrust bill in danger, Chuck Schumer says

    Good, I really think there are more important things for Congress to do like reducing the military budget and passing Medicare For All so we can try and have a healthy country. 
  • US finance regulator plans 'very careful look' at Apple Pay Later, similar services

    The biggest online Pay Later company has to be Pay Pal, not Apple Pay, so why aren't you including them in this article? Of course, every credit card company used on-line has always done this as their normal business.