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  • Mozilla rampages over a lack of browser choice

    Unfortunately, way too many people use Google Chrome on Apple devices. This blows Mozilla's complaint out of the water. Mozilla simply needs to go after Google directly for forcing the use of Chrome when dealing with Google apps and platforms. Yes, Safari can work but just like Adobe PDF products that include proprietary features that don't work with Preview, Google adds specific functions that only work with Chrome.

    I use DuckDuckGo for browser searches but they add an iOS browser (macOS Safari extension) to the mix so, again, Mozilla needs to quit complaining and simply present a browser enough people want to use. Maybe a browser that isn't updated almost every time you open it up, including making UI changes without people knowing about it.
  • Update to iOS 16.0.1 on your new iPhone 14 before you do anything else

    crowley said:
    A bug that prevents activation is a significant fuck up.
    True but I read the Apple post and it only talks about Messages (why still using iMessage??) and FaceTime activation, not the activation of the entire phone.

    "iMessage and FaceTime might not complete activation on iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro."

    This would be a pain but everything else appears to be working.
  • Goldman Sachs credit card practices under investigation by US watchdog

    I almost always pay off my Apple Card monthly but I don't believe we're charged interest as long as we pay something. I could be wrong but I thought this is the way it's done. I know I'm not paying interested when buying Apple products on a 1 or 2 year purchase agreement. 
  • Latest VMWare Fusion tech preview brings Windows 11 to Apple Silicon Macs

    jayweiss said:
    Parallels already supports Windows 11 (Arm) and runs macOS VMs (Arm) with no issues. VMWare Fusion has always been second fiddle to Parallels on Macs. 
    Not sure about “second fiddle”…. VMWare has always been for pro users and Parallels has been for consumers. VMWare just took their time to work out the licensing. 
    The only reason VMWare is "king" is because it's meant for servers, primarily cloud servers. It's like running Microsoft client services. Neither of these are really for consumers. I've run Fusion for a couple decades but changed to Parallels once Apple Silicon came out and I retired. I didn't have to worry about installing Windows on Macs just so we didn't have to also have a PC to run stupid business department server applications (because Microsoft refused to create decent client apps for the Mac--this was the case 10-20 years ago). As for using that term "pro" it simply means client/server type applications, not user apps. I use Windows 11 ARM on Parallels on my M1 MBA simply to try out marine software that is still Windows-only along with supporting a family member who has issues with their PC. Parallels/Fusion biggest feature (although I don't use it) is the ability to seamlessly open Windows-only apps without having to have a Windows window open, it simply opens the app. 
  • Big tech antitrust bill in danger, Chuck Schumer says

    Good, I really think there are more important things for Congress to do like reducing the military budget and passing Medicare For All so we can try and have a healthy country.