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  • Apple had a M1 Mac Pro, but decided to wait for M2 Extreme

    It really doesn't make sense for Apple to release a M1-based product, other than for the iPad (again), when the M2 has been released. That said, Apple really needs to make sure the M2 design really works withe least amount of heat so the normal fans and heatsinks will work. Once the M2 was released, nobody in their right might would have purchased an M1 Mac Pro or updated M1 Mac mini, they'd just wait a year to get the upgraded versions. 
  • Apple's chips targeted in a new patent infringement suit

    Can someone explain how a patent suit even begins? I’m assuming apple has some patent for their chip, and the opposing company also has their own which conflicts. 

    Is there a problem in how our system is issuing patents? Are they not validated ahead of time to avoid infringement? 
    The USPTO is a joke. That's the main reason. Patents are being granted on very general ideas. A patent holder can make all kinds of statements saying their patent is similar to another patent and juries filled with non technical people make the judgment. It's a total joke. As for the other company in this lawsuit, they do not make any products, I doubt they ever have. The current incarnation of this company simply buys patents and uses them against companies who actually build things. This is just one of the problems with the USPTO. It was created to help inventors protect their investment in unique products. This has been abused for decades.

    Here's what the first patent says:
    A multiprocessing system comprising: multiple processors mounted on a single die; and multiple operating systems residing in a memory connected to said multiple processors, wherein each of said multiple processors executes an operating system of said multiple operating systems, and two or more of said multiple processors are capable of simultaneously executing two or more operating systems of said multiple operating systems. 

    Every single computer does this and has done this practically since computers were developed. This patent was developed in the Silicon Valley of CA. HP was and is a computer company but I have to wonder why they sold this particular patent when it could be a part of every other patent HP ever created. Patents almost always refer to other patents so I have to wonder if HP felt this patent was out of date and no longer viable in any product, being superseded by other patents. 

    edit: One more thing. Apple has been making computerized devices since the 1980s and if HP had thought Apple was infringing on this patent HP would have sued Apple. If they did, Apple would have changed how they designed computers to not infringe this patent and Sonrai would have no reason to sue Apple. 

    Your first post. Would you mind telling us what your old name was? If this is actually the first time you've visited AI, welcome.
  • Hands-on with Apple's M2 MacBook Air in Starlight

    Can it handle multiple hour zoom calls without thermal throttling?  That’s my only question. 
    Shouldn’t be a problem because it’s not doing much other that accessing the internet. Thermal throttling happens when the CPU, GPU and storage are being constantly accessed. Zoom doesn’t do that. 

    update: Here's what Zoom uses just to start up. Not much.

  • Epic Games-led Coalition for App Fairness polls claim public want open App Store

    They didn't ask me. Doesn't surprise me because I don't answer phone calls from people I don't know and These companies won't leave messages.

    My survey answers:

    I don't support the open app markets act (haven't read it but I have a pretty good idea what it's about).

    Big Tech having too much power is the same as big oil having too much power along with auto dealerships having monopolies covered by unconstitutional laws, and a hole list of other groups.

    I don't support legislative efforts, especially since most legislatures are bought/bribed by corporations, to open mobile app ecosystems mainly because many/most corporations do the same thing. I also don't see it as being antitrust activities.

    I have bought Apple products since the late '80s, early '90s (Performa 400 first home computer, bought millions of dollars worth of Apple products for work) and don't see Apple as having too much power, especially when compared to other tech companies. 

    Apple doesn't have monopoly power over the apps included in THEIR store and I absolutely feel they have every right to determine how apps are downloaded to equipment they manufacture, sell and support. 

    As for Epic, I see that company as a predator, attempting to highjack Apple's products for their own benefit. It has nothing to do with benefiting customers only its bottom line.

    --In response to @Hammeroftruth, I agree about phone calls. I'm not a kid (far from it) but I don't get much information from my phone, I get it on-line, which is where polls should be held. Of course, this also means poll takers need to be honest about accepting input from various platforms and not allowing bots to screw up the poll. I refuse to use my name on any on-line poll because I absolutely know it will be sold to some jerk company like google.
  • Spyware firm NSO Group could be acquired by US defense contractor

    chadbag said:
    rob53 said:
    So instead of shutting it down as a blatant spyware company, of course an American firm based in Florida, probably financed by NSA, is buying it. Enough said.
    This be financed (Directly or indirectly) but L3 is a large longtime defense and similar contractor.  It usd to be called L3 Communications but I think broke up in the last few years into a few parts.  Not sure about that.  

    I just  wanted to dispel the implications that L3Harris is a front for the NSA.  
    I was kind of being sarcastic about them being fronted by the NSA but since they are part of the military infrastructure, I'm sure they receive some hidden government financing which could be from NSA's coffers. 

    $17B+ annual revenue, 47K employees in over 100 countries. Headquarters, 1025 W. NASA Boulevard, Melbourne, FL 32919, south of Cape Canaveral. Locations in the middle and far east. Any American/global company this large dealing in "Securing the World Around Us" gets government funding and probably is able to hide funding sources from the three-letter government agencies. Do I have proof, absolutely not but this company is a "US defense contractor" (article title) so I absolutely know they receive government funding and probably covert government funding. Unless you work or have worked for the US government you are not able to say they absolutely don't receive money from the NSA. If you know they do, you are not allowed to mention this since everything done by the NSA is classified, unless they declassify it for public use.