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  • Spyware firm NSO Group could be acquired by US defense contractor

    So instead of shutting it down as a blatant spyware company, of course an American firm based in Florida, probably financed by NSA, is buying it. Enough said.
  • Lightning versus USB-C: Pros and cons for the iPhone

    Eric_WVGG said:
    This article doesn't mention two of IMO the most interesting properties of Lightning.

    In an ideal world, Apple would have given away the license to the Lightning connector to the USB Consortium and said "hey, this should be your design for USB-C, have it, it's yours." USB-C would be a better plug, and Apple wouldn't be in this position of having to change ports and make an entire ecosystem of accessories obsolete. c'est la vie
    Problem with Apple "giving away" anything is that Apple has been sued by other companies who "gave away" their products to standards organizations and Apple used these standards. Standards are only good if nobody has to pay for their use. Other companies hate Apple so there's no reason for them to accept anything Apple provides. Yes, that's a generalization but it's also the way most things go. The EU wants control over everything and is banking on fining Apple when/if they don't comply. It's an easy way to pick up some money and is typical of all politicians strapped for cash.
  • Tesla, BMW don't appear to be gearing up to join Apple's new CarPlay vision

    Tesla has a great system, something CarPlay won’t be able to fully replace. Other car manufacturers don’t really have a fraction of the computing and operating capabilities Tesla has. CarPlay can help the other companies but I don’t see it actually running the entire car. 
  • App Store is still growing, but not as much as expected says Katy Huberty

    I'm sick and tired money-based analysts. They all have their agendas, most not having anything to do with the long term success of a company. Everything is short term. They all need to just go away.
  • Compared: Apple Studio Display vs Alogic Clarity Monitor

    lkrupp said:
    If you want something cheaper then don’t consider Apple gear to begin with. There’s a plethora of cheaper options available to you that will satisfy your need for low cost. Get a PC and a monitor for a third the price and quit agonizing over overpriced Apple gear. It’s really simple
    TheObannonFile said:
    There isn’t anything that competes directly with the 5K iMac, LG UltraFine 5K 1st and 2nd Gen, and now apple studio display. 
    All you posters complaining about @lkrupp and @TheObannonFile ;comments don't understand what Apple provides and what AI continues to present to try and stay relevant. Once you've had a 5K iMac you don't want to go back to the garbage other display companies are trying to sell Mac users. Apple's Studio Display is the only 5K display to get if you have a Mac. AI needs to quit trying to find cheap options with inferior specs. Specs don't always tell the truth about anything but once you've seen the Studio Display in person (I have) you'll start drooling and know there's no other choice. Even @melgross ;treads lightly but still says the Studio Display is the best. People pick things apart to get clicks and make themselves look important but I've been buying Macs (in quantity as well as personally) since 1989 and there hasn't seen a better personal computer built than what Apple built in the last 40 years. This even includes the non-Jobs builds that were better than the cheap junk PCs during that time.