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  • EU law will force Apple to blow open its entire hardware and software stack

    EU is a dictatorship, plain and simple. At this point Apple needs to seriously tell the EU to GTH. The US needs to triple import duties on EU goods effectively shutting the EU down. The US should also reduce exports to the EU and cut off any financial support. 
  • AltStore allows limited sideloading of iPhone apps Apple doesn't approve

    So AI is using an app that violates Apple’s rules and actually telling people about it. I can’t wait for Apple to find out about it. The developer should lose the license/developer certificate while Apple can immediately cancel all apps using that certificate. I also wonder if Apple could go after the users, including AI. Be careful about removing my comment because all I’m doing is commenting on illegal activity, both the developer’s and user’s violations. I’m talking about the misuse of the obvious Xcode development program. This is not for limited testing, the developer is getting paid which is against Apple rules. 
  • Apple, Google, Microsoft announce commitment to 'passwordless' future

    It's not immediately clear how falling back to a device PIN would be more secure than a properly configured password, however.

    The reason it’s more secure is because there are multiple factors - the device (something you have), and the PIN (something you know) or biometric - face, or finger (something you are).  No one is suggesting we replace passwords with PINs, they’re saying a device AND a PIN - or some other factor. 
    Standard two-factor authentication, which has been in use for decades. Apple Card already has the second factor built in with their rotating CCV. I used the standard RSA rotating token for years. I still call these password systems. Most websites are using the text msg/email second “password” so it’s not that big of a deal. What worries me is how convoluted this group will make it so it fits into each of their existing products, like AD (ugh!).
  • Apple launches Self Service Repair program for iPhones

    ST3LL4 said:
    rob53 said:
    The 12 and 13 should be covered under AppleCare so why would someone want to repair these phones themselves?

    The 11 should be on the list as well. 
    AppleCare doesn't cover user's mistake and AppleCare+(which covers) is quite expensive.
    As are parts and a new iPhone when you (others) can’t put it back together. I’ve worked on older iPhones and internal parts were larger but new ones have tiny parts, especially antenna connections, which are easily damaged. 
  • JetDrive Lite 330 expansion card adds 1 TB storage to the MacBook Pro

    Kinda slow R/W speeds. Yes it’s small but even a simple USB-C external drive is 10x the speed. 
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