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  • Shootout: Apple's new 9.7" iPad Pro vs. iPad Air 2

    bb-15 said:
    If someone must have a new 9.7 inch IPad with the Pencil, keyboard connector and 128 GB or more of storage, then the new iPad Pro is the only choice.
    - But let's say that a person can get by with about 64GB of storage (& they don't need the Pencil), then the price difference between the Air 2 and the 9.7 inch IP Pro could be a factor.
    9.7 iPd Air 2 64 GB $499
    9.7 iPad Pro 32 GB $599
    9.7 iPad Pro 128 GB $749.

    * Performance; depending on the benchmark the Air 2 can be close in speed to the new IP Pro. Ars Technica did some tests in their hands on article;
    Geekbench 3 single core the new Pro is a little over 1/3 faster than the Air 2
    Geekbench 3 multi core the new Pro is a little over 10% faster than the Air 2
    GFXBench GL: Onscreen T-Rex HD frames/sec; new IP Pro 59.5, Air 2 52.8
    Manhattan HD; new IP Pro 35.3, Air 2 28.1

    In terms of performance, imo for many users, they will not be able to tell the difference between the new IP Pro and the Air 2. Considering price / performance to me the Air 2 will be the better deal for a lot of buyers.
    Which graphs are you looking at?

    The Geekbench 3 single core shows the new Pro is ~70% faster than the Air 2. (And ~15% faster in multicore).
    And the onscreen GPU test is capped at 60 fps.  Which as you said won't matter for most apps.  But the fact that offscreen tests show the Pro is ~50% faster than the Air 2 means it has more breathing room for more graphically intense software.

    The Air 2 should be fine for a while and I agree it's great for most users/tasks, but the at least 50% improvement in CPU and GPU on the Pro shouldn't be unnoticeable.