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  • Verizon lifts data caps for California firefighters, Hurricane Lane responders

    Thank goodness for net neutrality saving the day! Oh, wait. Never mind.
  • Woman sues feds over data retention after iPhone seized at border

    NemWan said:
    Discovery in this lawsuit should reveal IF the government is able to extract data from a locked iPhone 6 Plus.

    It would also be interesting to know what happens if you try to use iCloud Lost Mode or remotely erase the device in this situation.
    It sounds like this is about if the US can seize items at the border which they've done in the past. I suspect there's past decisions that support the US doing this so it might not go anywhere.
  • Apple held secret meeting with developers in 2017 to push app subscriptions

    cashxx said:
    Sorry....will never give in to a subscription model and neither should anyone else!

    Subscriptions make a lot of sense for certain applications.

    Microsoft Office 365 is an OUTSTANDING deal on a subscription. Instead of buying Office every few years for several hundred dollars (upgrade fee) you pay $99 a year (I have the Home subscription for 5 users). So you end up paying the same, but get regular updates and features, instead of one big update every few years. To top it off, MS throws in 5TB storage (1 per user).

    I doubt Apple is trying to get ALL developers to go to subscriptions, as many Apps simply don’t fit that model. More likely they met with developers with Apps that made sense to use a subscription model - those that provide an on-going service as opposed to a “fixed function” App (like a calculator).

    I find it funny when people complain about subscriptions for software when they already pay “subscription fees” for everyday services (cable, internet, cell phone...).
    I bought Office 2003? and it lasted until 2011 which I'm using now. so if the app lasts 8 years, the subscription cost is $800 vs the $300 I paid to buy it outright?
  • Even faster charging might be coming to 2018 iPhone lineup

    Still waiting for Apple's charger.
  • If you don't want to delete your Facebook account, here's how to cut back

    Reuters/Ipsos poll: only 41% of Americans trust Facebook to obey privacy laws while 66% trust Amazon, 62% trust Google, 60% trust Microsoft, and 53% trust Apple (Reuters)
    At least until some security breach regarding the others is revealed.