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  • Apple, other tech companies pledge to continue efforts to meet Paris climate accord

    MacPro said:
    jungmark said:
    Excellent. Just because Donnie doesn't understand science, doesn't mean we roll back progress. 
    Science isn't always right. They still can't figure out how much carbon emissions are from humans vs the environment. 
    Who's the 'they' in that statement?  The folks that write right wing blogs?  If you actually did some genuine research you'd find 'they' the scientists of the world actually have a very accurate handle on this.
    They think they have a handle. They don't know what they don't know. Their theory keeps changing like why didn't atmospheric CO2 go up as much as they predicted? The oceans are storing it. Their predictions don't match reality which shows they don't fully understand it.
  • Apple's Tim Cook, other executives urge Texas not to pass anti-trans 'bathroom bill'

    Soli said:
     This is out of control! Use the damn bathroom for the gender you were born as!    Isn't everyone tired of the scammers out there saying that they're a woman when they are really TS or TG?!   Enough is enough! 
    No one is born a gender. Gender is a cultural construct. What you're thinking of is sex.

    Based on your comments I'm guessing you'd be unhappy if a male dressed as a woman came out of a bathroom for men, and yet you stated you seem to want that person to use the bathroom for men. Should we assume that you also want that person to dress in a way that makes you feel more comfortable regardless of how it makes them feel?

    What about naturally intersex individuals. Do they get no bathroom rights because they are born with both male and female genitalia or are you saying that the percentage is so low that we can disregard their existence in society altogether because it doesn't fit into a neat the simple like construct that make us feel safe?
    Restrooms are currently constructed based on biology. Are urinals going to be required in all restrooms? What about someone claiming they're a third sex? Will governments and businesses be required to provide some facility for them? Where does it stop?
    tallest skilsweetheart777
  • Sen. Feinstein claims FBI paid $900K to crack San Bernardino shooter's iPhone

    volcan said:
    Soli said:
    What a worthless expense.
    Just pocket change compared to Trump's weekend visits to Mar Lago - $3.6 million each.
    Actually that's likely an inflated price based on an Obama 4 day trip to Chicago and Palm Beach in 2013

    maciekskontaktmwhitetallest skil
  • Tim Cook accepts Newseum 2017 Free Expression Award, says companies should have values

    From a business point of view which is how shareholders should rate Cook, this CEO has had significant issues. A major one being that a significant product (Mac Pro) was not designed for upgrading and it took years for Apple to realize it. And it's not like no one complained. What else have they not realized?
  • Rumor: Apple TV to get multi-user support, picture-in-picture with 'tvOS 11'

    I wish they'd make a better remote. Don't use my Apple TV much but tried last night. Would touch the track pad section when picking it up, causing some unintended action. To backup slightly, I have to press the right way to do that. Very unfriendly.