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  • 2022 iPhones, Macs could boast 3nm chips

    How long will it take TSMC to establish normal, full time production rates?  Maybe that means learning enough of all issues to determine how many can be produced in 2022, how much that can move up to in 2023 and then where will they be in 2024.  After the battles for processors in the auto industry I believe TSMC might be wary.

  • Apple supplier launches non-invasive glucose monitor & health sensor tech

    This, if course, would be announced less than a week after I received my Dexcom G6!   Fortunately Medicare plus Supplemental made it a very simple decision to make.

    A couple of points worth mentioning from my last week.  First, the only over night issues were 2 warnings (loud beeps) for low sugars approaching 55 and one for high sugars, at 200.  Otherwise I sleep well at night and would not have needed knowing my levels.  

    During the day I find I look at my sugars frequently and have been able to keep my sugars in control and almost eliminate the use of insulin.  I also take a good, well advertised, pill that works as advertised.  By frequently looking at my sugars I am taking about 5 - 10 views an hour.  The Dexcom displays sugar levels every 5 minutes, making it easy to just glance.  That level of information encourages you to change eating habits or patterns.  A version of info on the Watch could result in the same benefits I have received with the Dexcom.  People staying on top of the data can benefit pretty easily as long as they also adjust WHAT they eat.

    BTW, having that level of information is also a good way to slowly lower your insulin levels, which can pay for these type of devices over a reasonably short time.
  • Mac shipments grow slightly, but Apple's PC market share shrinks [u]

    Is there really any difference between a 97% level of satisfaction and a 98% level? Maybe for younger people, but as someone who has used computers since the '80's I believe satisfaction levels in the 90's to be impressive. Obviously at my age the eyes are forgiving of only above average displays, jus as the ears don't need the highest fidelity in speakers. I believe that we are finally in an age where consumer level technologies have reached a point where average consumers can tell the difference in their normal lives. Advances, like the EEC and Fall Detection in the Watch do make a difference, as new primary medical technologies. The average consumer will not being using Pages or Numbers or Keynote on their watch.
  • Antitrust committee demands Apple, Amazon, Facebook & Google internal documents

    Apple needs to let every national politician understand d how much they have paid to developers since the iPhone was open to developers.  Maybe some information on the growth in the number of developers over the years.  

    There is also a need to help them understand that any political invasion of the Apple environment will only be a huge gift to hackers and those sending out ransom ware.

  • Titanium and ceramic Apple Watch variants spotted in watchOS 6 beta

    I'm still waiting for Apple to do something with liquid metal and it seems that the Watch would be an interesting use.  IIRC, LM was supposed to be easy to fabricate so it would seem that the important factors would be cost and durability. This assumes that Apple has not given up on Liquid Metal.