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  • Apple, Eli Lilly study seeks to determine whether iPhone and Apple Watch can detect dement...

    A lot of things can contribute to Dementia. Saw my Doc Monday and he mentioned that a recent CE class they discussed that a large number of sleeping pills can double the risk of Dementia. He also said that he has banned those groups of sleep meds from his practice. While detection is damn important, just as important are those aspects of daily life that can cause it. It might be that a lower level of oxygen in the blood (PulseOx) brings it on faster, or chemicals exposed to at work or during military service. PulseOx is easy to check with inexpensive meters you can get from Amazon type web sites.
  • Apple stops shipments of iPhone SE, 6, 6 Plus, 6s Plus in India

    I'm hoping that a new SE sized iPhone is announced in September. My wife owns an SE and refuses to  use anything larger,  The XR (the cheapest X Series iPhone) is a joke for those with smaller hands,  It's simply uncomfortable  to use.  The current design points in the X Series (or the XI Series) is where the SE point needs to one.

    The SE also opens the door to a traditional marketing program of upgrades used by the auto industry for generations.  GM would start you with a Chevy, move you to a Pontiac, then an Olds (or Buick) and maybe a Caddy.  Toyota has that. same approach, but starts you with a Corolla,

    Apple can take that same path with lower costs iPhones like the SE and base level Macs.  The difference between the Apple approach and the auto approach would be how  easily upgrading Apples would be compared to cars.
  • Apple plans cheaper iPhone for China with new Touch ID, claims iffy report

    I believe that the current price of the iPhones is simply too high for a large portion of the market. A lot of lower income people get a "fee" iPhone via their carrier, basically paying it off over 2 or 3 years, But that approach favors other phone makers. A less expensive iPhone (probably with a plastic caesura and no FaceID makes as much sense for the US market as well as China and a lot of other countries. There should be no issue having a cheaper processor as Apple would dimply use the previous version of the Ax processor, A13 announced in September then the plastic model would have the A12, or A11. As for the SE - don't screw that up. It needs to have the design and component standards of the XR - just in a size that fits well in smaller hands. Apple has lefty the SE to become the "Cheap iPhone" instead of the most comfortable iP}hone for millions. FaceID will open up a huge amount of display space, making it even more desirable. Maybe name that the XL.
  • Apple Stores start selling One Drop blood glucose monitors

    $70 is a bit pricy when compared to standard units,  That market is basically like the razor market - the companies sell razors cheap and make money off the blades.  With blood monitoring the test strips are the money maker.

    Against this option is the Continuous Glucose Monitoring that tests the blood every 5 or so minutes and sends the results to the monitor/iPhone.  The Medicare approved version I'm looking at (iDexcom G5) requires a baseline stick once a day.  The next version needs no finger sticks.  Both provide a far more aggressive  monitoring  than finger sticks so the key is going to be insurance reimbursement t.
  • The China government may want fewer iPhones sold, but intent to buy is still solid

    China can make noise from time to time, but they know that Apple generates jobs in China and their markets oriented middle class also knows that.  Just as important is that China knows that other countries (like India) would love to take on more Apple production.  Things might worse if Trump is re-elected, but that will be an increasing battle over tariffs, which will hurt US Agriculture more than Apple.