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  • Apple Pay abruptly dropped by JCPenney, is no longer accepted in store [u]

    JWSC said:

    When they hired Ron Johnson they wanted to move the JCP profile to a younger generation because they realized that the loyal generation that had been shopping with them for years was retiring and would have less money to spend.  Unfortunately, they were unsuccessful in attracting a younger generation.  And the changes alienated the once loyal customer base.  My mother was one of those shoppers who did not like the changes Ron Johnson implemented.  So Ron was ushered out and the old ways crept back in again.  JCP is a dead company walking.  Never mind the ApplePay loss.

    Ron Johnson did make major changes to store design - getting rid of the '40s look.  More importantly he went to Every Day Low Prices, lowering prices throughout the store.  Customers demonstrated that they preferred higher prices on Sale.  When Ron was replaced everything was marked back up again so they could be put on Sale at a price higher than the prices Johnson set.  I can remembering walking through the Men's department and all the price tags had the price cut off and a newer price stuck on.  

    As for dropping Apple Pay, take a look at how much inventory they have and how few sales staff they have to sell.  They are, I believe, having sufficient financial problems that push them to drop Apple Pay.  

  • Healthcare an opportunity for Apple to 'lead digital disruption' versus rivals

    I'm 75 in August and have had a few falls lately so my first priority in an Watch was the fall detection.  As a Diabetic I'm now waiting for Blood Sugar monitoring and will probably go for another  "new" Watch when that feature is developed. 

    The one factor that concerns me with medical monitoring is how heavy a load will it put on the batteries.  With Blood Sugar you ,might have 30 minute  test intervals with before meals and after meals added.  The potential for monitoring ECG & heart rate together would allow Apple to identify AFib on the go and alert the user of the need to get checked, as well as providing data strips on the iPhone.

     One huge explosion will come if Apple can identify a heart attack, notify the patient and then notify care givers, ambulances, etc. with locations.  

    Can you see a handful of attacks hitting patients in the middle of a stadium filled with avid fans at the Oklahoma-Texas Football Game, or Michigan -  Michigan State, or even Harvard - Yale,  As the ambulances head to the stadium Apple will need to notify the refs via the refs Watch that play will need to be put on hold while announcement is made for everyone to check their Watches and raise their hand if there is a heart warning being displayed,

    As medical features grow in the iOS/macOS environment the need for battery performance is going to need to grow even faster.  But what a ride it can be!

  • Eddy Cue repeatedly visited Washington Post, New York Times in failed Apple News+ bid

    The potential of bringing N Times and WaPo will depend on how strong Apple's growth turns out to be.   Internationally Apple's news programs can reach tens of millions of subscribers.  If there is a major story out of Congress then interested people living around the world could easily click on  WaPio and read a more detailed story than locally,  There used to be a website (the that could take you directly to any newspaper in the world and identified papers in English,  A major story in Vienna?  Read it locally, which would normally be more extensive than your local paper,  This is where Apple can offer both the readers and the publishers a far better (and more profitable) operation.  The key factor will be the population size of the subscribers.  
  • Apple VP of Health says FDA was 'very critical' in Apple Watch clearance, relationship wit...

    Thanks for that comment.  I believe that the key is that I may use EKG, but I don''t rely on it - I tend to see the Doc a few times a year.

    The critical app for me is fall detection and that means I only take it of for recharging when I'm going.set in my chair foe a while.  Never charging overnight.

  • Apple VP of Health says FDA was 'very critical' in Apple Watch clearance, relationship wit...


    I'm starting to get old - half way through 74.

    I've had a few falls, but some were just stumbles.

    I take my heart & blood pressure fairly religiously.

    The wife and daughter bought me an Watch for Christmas

    Fall and Heart detections were the reason

    Nuff said