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  • Battle of the super yachts: Jeff Bezos' Y721 versus Steve Jobs' 'Venus'

    Skeptical said:
    No feeding the poor from these guys. I’m all for having the super-duper-puper yachts but how about throwing more than a bone to the masses. For shits and grins, Bozos, er I mean Bezos could easily give a cool $500K to every man, woman, and child living below the poverty line and he’d still have deep pockets. 
    I agree with the sentiment but your maths might need some tweaking! Even taking the the current modest estimate of poverty, $500k per person would equate to 1,600 trillion, or 40x the money in the world.
    I think you might want to look up the word hyperbole.... Gross exaggeration for the sake of effect (not to be taken literally)...
  • VMware ditches plans to support EXSi on 2019 Mac Pro

    Has VMWare announced anything good in the last few years? Seriously, they seem to have gone downhill.
  • 'iPhone 13' to launch in September with A15, bigger batteries, researchers say

    mr lizard said:
    The backside of these phones are sure getting ugly. 
    Maybe, but the broken glass look that most seem to have on the older phones is also looking bit dated...
  • Parallels Desktop 17 brings Windows 11 to Mac with enhanced M1 support

    Many if us in the business world (e.g. engineering where a few essential apps like Soidworks or Altium are the standard) will pay whatever it takes. While 95% of my apps are macOS (including the app we develop and sell to our customers), some industries are locked into a standard. I'd LOVE a real-world macOS native alternative for Solidworks (including  macOS native Solidworks!), but given reality of the world, this hopefully will be palatable. 
  • Apple employees pen second letter asking for work-from-home options

    I wonder what is apple's ability to monitor employee performance.

    The big issue is that while there are employees who can manage high levels of productivity from home, there are a large cohort that are unproductive and hidden under the current work from home situation. 

    I feel that apple must have some way of measuring this difference in output, but are being too polite to just come out and say it.

    Plus, from the outside, I think that apple makes what they do look easy. When in actuality the high level of integration between software, hardware, and between devices requires next level coordination between teams that is not sustainable in the work at home world we find ourselves in right now.

    The problem is it is hard to quantify the benefits of having a cohesive team. A lot off good ideas that can be the next iPhone come from random conversations that can only happen when people are in the same room. You can never measure the loss of an idea that could have happened but never happened and the metrics that are measurable end up carrying too much weight because they are tangible.

    We'll see in a few years time if companies that embraced the work from home do well, or become the latest fad that got a lot of hype but faded away because they missed the next wave while emailing from the kitchen table.