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  • Apple employees threaten to quit as company takes hard line stance on remote work

    elijahg said:
    Then quit. There are many who’d love to replace you. 

    Complaining about going to work at one of the greatest companies in existence. 

    Well no, there aren’t. Apple is struggling to get enough developers, just like every other tech company. And this kind of thing certainly won’t help that situation when other companies offer similar salaries on remote working. 

    Apple used to be forward thinking, dynamic and “skated to where the puck was going”. But under the mundane profit above all Cook, it has slowly changed into another inflexible generic IBM-esque company. What happened to “the square pegs in the round holes”? 
    I suppose it all depends on where the puck is actually going, not where the flavour of the month thinks it is going. We have a ton of hype on WFH but most employers know very well that you can coast for a while with your team working from home, but is is very hard to maintain a good team over the long haul that way. New hires are denied the natural interactions needed to build trust and integrate into the team that old members had before. Creativity and trust go down and team cohesiveness goes down. You can manage for a while, but it is better to be in person and WFH is only a  compromise to keep the peace as much as possible. Inevitably, employees that come in will benefit more than at home employees with more face time with bosses and other team members and they will do better career-wise, so in the long run, a new equilibrium will be reached and those who value WFH more will get what they want, but that will not be the same as those who value in person work more.

    I admit this is a sweeping generalization and there are tons of jobs that are perfectly suited for WFH, but generally, not so for teams, particularly when developing hardware where access to physical devices (prototypes, machinery etc...) are needed.
  • Intel Windows not coming to M1 VMware Fusion, ARM Windows licensing unclear

    lkrupp said:
    If you need to run Windows then buy a Windows PC.
    Not all of us are lucky enough to have everything they need on macOS. I've managed to get down to pretty much one thing on Windows, but a doozy: SolidWorks. There is no  macOS version (nor is there a serious competitor either) and it is one of the standards in the field, which is essentially Windows based. Yes, I am one of maybe 50 who needs this, but I can still lament and I don't look forward to carrying a second laptop just so I can bang out that next prototype while on a long flight (when I get to fly again!).
  • Toyota president tells Apple to prepare for the long-haul with 'Apple Car'

    There is a way to avoid supporting it for 40 years.
    Don't ever sell the car to anyone. 
    Go with an Uber/lift like business model. A person pays so much per month to have a car available all the time. The car shows up when needed.  After the vehicle has been completely depreciated in a few years, scrap it and put out the new model.
    40 years, yeah right.
    Most people don't buy cars just to get from A to B or carry the groceries for the same reason we don't all just wear burlap sacs for clothes. Cars are an also expression of ourselves, so driving that grey Prius on weekends for groceries does not cut it for most car buyers. I am not saying this is good, but it is human nature and why we have so many different model cars and clothes other than burlap sacs.
  • State of Apple Silicon - half of the most popular Mac apps still need Rosetta

    Keep in mind that not every developer got an M1 the day they came out. We have been developing on the Mac for over 20 years (I recall getting the developer Intel iMac) and we just got our first M1 mini last week. We ordered extra RAM and that was a "special" order.

    You have more than your own code to worry about. All of your dependencies have to be migrated and then you have a lot of testing to do. Since Intel chips are still here, there is no fire and most of us have more to do than spend 100% of our development resources porting stuff... Most of us will get there when we need to.
  • Kuo: 'Apple Car' to use Hyundai's E-GMP platform, GM and PSA partnerships possible

    emcnair said:
    Prior to the new M1 Macs, there was little functional differents between a Mac and a PC. What really made the difference was external design and Mac OS? Apple's defining difference in the computer market was user experience. How different is that from what they are rumored to do for cars? Most people only care about what they can touch, see and feel. Only geeks and gear heads are going to care about performance specs. And cars are worse than computers. With computers, users will often hit the peak the performance of there computers. I have never driven faster than my car go.
    Actually, when Apple made beige boxes that looked like a PC with MacOS running they almost went under. Only when they looked at all aspects of design (the chassis, motherboard design, keyboard, mouse etc...) did they get back to being unique and able to charge a premium for it (and the Intel part was unimportant). If all they are going to to is re-skin a Kia and have some Apple software in the dash screen, they are going to make the beige box mistake. No one is going to pay a premium for a re-skinned Kia.