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  • Warner Bros' 2021 films will release simultaneously in theaters and on HBO Max

    urahara said:
    Not available on Apple TV+?
    The problem with those services is that there are too many. And often some movies are available only on one of them. 
    Just recently I wanted to buy a movie on Apple TV+, they had it there but I had to subscribe to some SkyTicket - other provider. 
    I was ready to buy it on Apple TV+.  But they did it difficult for me. Torrent rules...
    They have to figure out how  to offer movies on more platforms in multiple languages. If they make it easier to get it on torrent than on official distribution channels, 
    Perhaps you don't speak English well, so I won't be hard on you for your fragmented sentences. But it's hard to understand what you want. Are you complaining about the cost? Apple doesn't control the cost, because that's controlled by the content providers. Apple doesn't set the prices, either of the streaming channels or the individual movie prices on iTunes. And it looks like Skyticket is a German streaming service that has nothing to do with Apple TV+. What movie were you trying to watch on Apple TV+? If you explain your problem, there are some people who will try to help. But we can't help if you refuse to explain the problem.
    I think his point is that AppleTV+ collects (aggregates) movies and TV shoes available through various channels on AppleTV. On the surface, it looks like you have access to a variety of content but find that you really have to have subscriptions to multiple services. I am frustrated that it is turning out to be the same problem we had with cable. To watch one show I like, I have to subscribe to a channel and pay for a bunch of crap I don't want. Internet streaming had the promise of being able to pay for the shows I like and only the shows I like (iTunes started well). Now one needs to have subscriptions to Netflix, Hulu, CBS All access, AppleTV+ etc, each one having one thing of value and a ton of unwanted stuff. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.
  • Apple Retail stores will look very different in the US when they reopen

    wizard69 said:
    Very interesting but I have two issues. 

    First what happens to customers that normally run temperatures above “normal”.   Frankly I really doubt there will be a lot of public tolerance to having their temperature taken.  

    Second does social distancing really accomplished anything if people are wearing masks?   I’ve been wondering about this a lot lately.  I don’t mean actual touching here but rather the stupidity of the 6 foot rule.  
    It's called redundancy. Distancing is the first line of defence and the mask is the second. Given all that is going on and the cost socially and economically in dragging this on with half-hearted, half-baked measures, wearing a simple mask is not too much to ask.
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  • Eve Systems launches first dedicated HomeKit Secure Video camera

    Ugh, is a black outdoor Homekit camera too much to ask for??? Not all of us have houses with white trim, and all these white cameras stick out like a sore thumb. :(
    Maybe the white is to prevent the camera being baked in the sun?
  • How Apple survived the flawgic-filled 2010s, butterflies and all

    razorpit said:
    Still wish modern laptops had a MagSafe and Thunderbolt 3. Nothing does a better job of providing  “device safety” than MagSafe.
    I agree. I haven't come across a better charger connector than MagSafe, I still have the original charger for my 2012 MacBook Pro without frayed cables. I never experienced the problems that others did. Now if Apple started making all their cables with braiding on the outside.....
    The flimsiest cable I ever bought was one of those supposedly tough graded cables. It was nothing more than a gimmick. I read (here I think) that the TB/USB cables used on the MBP have less tension that Magpro connectors, so less likely to pull a laptop off the table. I travel all the time and got a Kensington MagSafe cable and don't even bother bringing it along (it sticks out way too far).
  • Apple's record $64B quarter is more than 34 countries combined will earn this year

    wizard69 said:
    spice-boy said:
    Apple should pay for every American's healthcare. 
     Not every American deserves health care!!   This talking point is one of the more stupid things the left has come up with.  

    What Apple should be using that money for is transformative research, especially into energy!!!   Contrary to popular opinion “renewables” will never solve our energy needs.   
    One can rogue that no one deserves health care (unless you paid for it), but most civilised countries have decided that providing health care to everyone is a privilege worth doing. Renewables HAVE to solve our energy needs because non renewables, by definition, are finite and will one day run out. Better we make the transition sooner rather than later so we don’t kil ourselves in the process. Covering a fraction of the Sahara dessert by the way, would provide enough energy for the whole planet if we could make the grid work.