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  • Reported 2016 MacBook Pro graphics issues likely caused by third-party software [u]

    jdw said:
    Third Party = Apple Photos?

    Badly written code = Apple Photos?

    Did the article author comprehend the implications of his own writing?

    Look, I've got a fully loaded 2016 MBP 15" on order with Adorama, scheduled to ship around Dec. 6th, and I will admit I am worried.  Any app could be vulnerable in light of Apple photos being affected.  It would be nice if Apple can fix it in software, but it's clearly a hardware issue insofar as the 2015 MBP does NOT have the same issue when running the same software and OS.  What's different between the 2015 and 2016 models?  The hardware!

    Another thing that worries me about Apple is their understanding of how to deal with video issues.  My 27" 2009 iMac i7 developed video issues just after the AppleCare expired.  An email to Tim Cook got the machine fixed for free, but only after they replaced the video card twice.  And then several months ago the same video problems started again, which means this "fixed" video card is toast. (Video artifacts appear and it will freeze and sometimes not boot for a long time.  It seems to go longer without artifacts and freezing if I never put it to sleep and keep it warm or even hot all the time.  It's strange, sad and troubling.  Yet I'm a Mac lover for life.  What to do.)

    Graphics cards come with drivers that are specific to the card, so any hardware change does include some software as well. No idea if this is the problem, but the difference between the 2015 and 2016 models are both hardware and software.
  • Kaby Lake suitable for MacBook Pro said to debut at January's Consumer Electronics Show

    qwwera said:
    Apple needs to hurry up and ditch Intel yesterday. I hope arm development is getting close.
    So the company that makes the most powerful processors is not progressing at your desired pace, so Apple should ditch the entire platform (with all the obvious challenges and drawbacks) at the first sign of another chip company maybe catching up? Where is the logic in that?
  • iPhone 7 owners say phones producing 'hissing' sound under heavy task loads

    "I'm guessing, heat under high load heats air quick, air takes more volume, escapes through a tiny hole (see balloon)."

    Remember Steve Jobs used to toss iPods in the water and said if there were any bubbles, the iPod could get smaller? Look at how much smaller the phones are (and how much more is packed in there). There is no volume of air that can do that.

    If it is actually there, it is electronic hum as others have guessed.
  • What Apple would have to do to comply with Donald Trump's American-built mandate

    How many Apple employees are employed in the US? How much money from foreign sales help pay for that?

    The days of manufacturing anything in one country (or even tracking that sort of thing) are over. Your customers are worldwide. Your supply chain is worldwide. Your manufacturing is worldwide. This is the world today.

    Have a look at countries with protectionist rules like the ones Trump is suggesting: Brazil, Argentina, etc... How are they doing? Do they have a healthy middle class? No, they have worse rich/poor distribution than we do.