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  • Editorial: Who wants the new iPhone SE 2020?

    Has it been determined if iOS 14 will support the first generation SE? If it does I’ll wait to get the second generation. 
    There is talk of iOS 14 ending support for A8 (which would terminate SE & 6s at iOS 13). That's why HomePod appears to be shifting from iOS to software based on tvOS, enabling Apple to limit A8 support to tvOS and make A10 Fusion the new baseline chip for iOS. iPadOS has its own codebase already. 
  • Editorial: Who wants the new iPhone SE 2020?

    andy-uk said:
    There is a good living to be had selling more expensive devices to fewer and wealthier people, and Apple does a good job with that, but one factor I think in support of the iPhone SE 2nd gen would be to provide a new entry point to Apple products. It used to be the iPod, but no-one buys dedicated music players any more, and it is now probably the second hand market. My first, and current, iPhone is an iPhone 7 Plus which I bought in the UK for £210, which is £210 Apple will never see. It's not that I can't afford £1,000 for something that is worth £1,000 to me - I am typing this on my 15" MacBook Pro which I paid nearly £2,000 for and consider money well-spent - but a handheld device I don't use much, which I am likely to drop and break or have stolen, is not worth £1,000 to me, but I could be persuaded to pay £300 or £400 for. If the lower price means I can't make my head look like a talking poo or make tiny AR dinosaurs appear on my desk or shoot TV broadcast quality video you know what, I can probably live without them. 

    If Apple want to drive revenue from services they need to get iOS devices into as many hands as possible, and post-coronavirus lockdown we are about to enter the worst recession in 100 years, so an affordable, entry level iPhone that does what most people want a phone to do connected to revenue-generating services seems sensible to me. Roll on the iPhone SE 2nd gen Plus.  
    What about AirPods and Apple Watch? They cost around what an iPod model once did. 
  • Editorial: Who wants the new iPhone SE 2020?

    mike54 said:
    Maybe in the US, tech blogs can call it a cheap phone, but here, outside the US, it is not a cheap phone.
    Cheap for Apple to produce though. It is a relatively a cheaper iPhone - relative to Apple's other offerings.
    Not enough tech updates to justify an upgrade from the 4.5 year iPhone 6S.
    I did note that Apple's pricing in international currency will be unfavorable and may likely get even worse over time, but "upgrades" are not the only reason for buying a new SE. This article specifically details two groups that are not upgrades: people buying for children and enterprise deployments. But lots of people hanging on to a 6S era phone will eventually have their phone lost, broken, etc, and the SE will be an ideal replacement option for them. 
  • Editorial: Who wants the new iPhone SE 2020?

    Hreb said:
    "There may have been some users who did like its small size" -- in fact there are tons of us.

    The iPhone SE 2020 confirms what we already knew about Apple's mobile strategy: Apple is no longer interested in innovating when it comes to form factor.
    But a ton of people is literally about a dozen, unless they're wearing a lot of clothes and like cake, then it's about ten. 

    But I hear you, we all have preferences of what we'd like a company like Apple to do, specifically tailored for our whims. 

    The thing is, Apple knows exactly how many people bought a 4" SE, and it has some of the smartest people in the world forecasting who all would buy another one.  
  • Editorial: Who wants the new iPhone SE 2020?

    gentooguy said:
    Yawn. Check DED's archives circa 2012-2015. He insisted (among other things): 1. Apple would never have a phone with a screen bigger than 4' because the Android phones with larger screens were bad design.

    Wow wild accusations there Mr Gentoo! 

    Here's the real me from 2014:  https://appleinsider.com/articles/14/05/01/how-iphone-5c-helped-apple-move-toward-larger-new-iphones-in-the-future 

    I did once write that consumer interest in large fablets appeared to be a pretty low niche in Google Play analytics because that was once the case. I never recall claiming that Apple "would never have a phone with a bigger screen," but maybe you can provide a link to evidence of your claim?  

     2. Apple would never have an Ax SOC with more than 2 cores because Android phones only needed 4-6-8 cores because of bad design 

    Citation please! I did note in 2013 that Samsung and others were pursuing multiple-core CPUs that failed to deliver better performance than Apple's two core A7, because that was true. I never wrote that two cores was the maximum for all eternity though. 

     3. Apple would never come out with a midrange phone because it was impossible to make a good product for less than the premium prices that Apple was charging and that $400 phones like the Moto X (which won phone of the year) were bad design 

    Well that was true, wasn't it? Apple didn't shift to $300 iPhones, and even its new $399 SE is a minor, limited effort refresh of iPhone 8 to serve niche market segments, as this article details. That's why it is being released in the spring when nobody is buying an iPhone but Androids are all floating their new models. BTW: Moto X failed and Google sold off the rest to China. You're really bad at this arguing stuff, aren't you? Haha.

     4. Apple will never offer phones at multiple price points and form factors because that was bad design that would result in inferior quality control and products, and Android OEMs like Samsung, LG, Motorola etc. offering this variety are going to be out of business any day now. 

    Motorla is literally out of business! It's a licensed brand on the level of Atari and Polaroid now.  LG and Samsung are literally struggling with demand and shifting to $300 commodity, suffering bad design and inferior quality control and products. 

    Expecting an "I was wrong" and "Apple learned useful things from observing how Android OEMs were innovating with product design and marketing" would be a bit much from DED.

    I love being proven wrong! I'm quite dissapointed that across my thousands of articles over the last 15 years you couldn't find one thing that I got really wrong. There are certianly many mistakes or misunderstandings I've made, so it shoudln't be so difficult to nail at least one in your off-topic mega-rant comment desperately tring to attack the author of a piece you make no criticism of. What's wrong with you dude? I imagine you're also going a bit nuts from being stuck at home. Try a hot bath. 

    Even if it was 100% true. 

    Oh right, I actually did write that a few years ago, listing out ten areas where Apple learned from Android firsts or innovations and came beck with a response that belately took the market back: MP3 phones, an app store, IM, notifications, NFC, phablets, modern UI, and wearables: https://appleinsider.com/articles/17/05/14/editorial-when-apple-is-2-years-behind-you-put-your-things-in-order 

    Where's your humble apology upon being proven wrong?

    Especially since according to DED, Android was supposed to have collapsed by now with Google either being a tiny company focused primarily on search and ads - which DED said was also in a steep decline and would never recover - or out of business altogether. 

    Ok I never said Google was going to be tiny or go out of business, but I did write that it did appear Google was going to give up on Android due to its architectural and legal issues, and move to Chrome and other web-based solutions. That wasn't really a future prediction, it was just stating what was happening. In 2013: https://appleinsider.com/articles/13/07/29/google-appears-ready-to-ditch-android-over-its-intellectual-property-issues and revisited five years later https://appleinsider.com/articles/18/10/12/google-is-downplaying-android-to-focus-its-future-on-chrome-os

    Google IS focused on search and ads, and Android is in a steep decline that it isn't recovering from. Remember when Apple was in a minority position and Android fans were excited about Motorola and a new Galaxy S phone and crowing about Google's super cheap tablets? Did you see what happened over the past 5-10 years? Review my work for a refresher!  


    Stuff like: https://www.fakesteve.net/2009/11/rabid-fanboy-guest-blogger-daniel-eran-dilger-on-why-android-will-fail.html with "The future: ... for Android, bleak" "Google claims Android phones will be able to do this, but your experience may vary. There is also considerable risk that an Android phone may or may not be unable to play music or videos. And this nugget: "Who’s paying you off? Google? Verizon? Motorola? In Gartner’s case this amounts to hilarious projections in which Gartner claims Android will outsell iPhone at some point in the future, a projection based on nothing, it would appear, other than Gartner’s own wishful thinking and decades-long hatred of Apple. At TechCrunch the problem is more serious as this “blog” has devoted itself to an irrational smear campaign against Apple that boggles the mind and has raised serious questions about the ethics of that particular site and its potential conflicts of interest in matters involving Google." So, er, yeah. Not really.

    You do know that the only article you cited here was a parody of me by a writer mocking my writing style to make absurd claims? Did you know that? 

    Christopher Hitchens wrote that "What can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence" but I couldn't resist the bait.