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  • Apple debuts new $5999 Mac Pro with up to 28-core Xeon processors

    Begs the question: What happens if someone pops in a pair of NVIDIA Titan RTX GPUs into this chrome monstrosity? Will Apple allow NVIDIA graphics drivers to live in their AMD centric world? If not, that kind of puts a damper on future upgradability. RTX hardware ray traces six times faster than non-RTX GPUs, all other things being equal.
    Yes, good question - I run an outboard Cubix box that handles non-flashed Nvidia cards just fine via a 16x PCIe card - hopefully that'll slot straight in. So even if I can't have CUDA inside, I should be able to use it outside. Hoping!
  • Apple debuts new $5999 Mac Pro with up to 28-core Xeon processors

    bitmod said:
    This Mac Pro is a Formula 1 car. Designed for 1 purpose. What the usual cultists here don’t understand is that most of the market want a vehicle that can go on the Hwy, run on regular fuel, and have winter tires put on. Doesn’t mean we aren’t professionals just because we aren’t Formula 1 drivers.
    The great thing about this machine is that it's adaptable for many purposes, including the most taxing that I can envisage in my world (multiple temporal noise reduction nodes at 8K in Resolve, and rapid 4K DCP encryption). Like the 4,1 and 5,1s we still use, very tweakable. 

    No one's saying you're not a Pro, bitmod - just that there are many people and use cases where the 2013 Mac Pro just doesn't cut it. I still don't own one - and my 4,1s are starting to die. I'd rather not spend money and time cannibalising power supplies to keep 8-year-old machines going. So just in time for us, and the rack options are perfect. Well done Apple.
  • Apple debuts new $5999 Mac Pro with up to 28-core Xeon processors

    Perfect! For Resolve, and our offline suites. Throwing $50K at this one. Where do I order? There's huge pent up demand for this. We run 2011/2012 4,1 and 5,1 machines because the trash-can was just not flexible enough. Total re-equip roadmap for us.
  • Apple makes updates to Final Cut Pro X & iMovie for Mac

    I wonder if the same good souls who confessed that the 2013 Mac Pro was a fail for high end users, could be induced to apply the same thought to FCP X. I can't use a product where I can't lock tracks or timeline content to stop it sliding like jello. And I still can't send a presentable embedded AAF to a ProTools session that is anything like what a sound mixer might recognise. Sorry to harp on about this for 5 years, but yesterday I had to get content from DaVinci to Motion for a VFX job (am I the only person still using it for motion tracking fixes?) and the path was an XML to FCP7, "Send to Motion..." via Motion 4, then open that project in Motion 5 - won't even look at a raw XML, and even if I'd started in FCP X (which I wouldn't have, because this is on the back of a grade) I couldn't have done this because there's no way to Motion from FCP X.
    Both Motion and FCP are now start-to-finish tools - minus decent audio mixing. Little wonder our facility does more business from Avid, Adobe and FCP 7 sources than FCP X. 

    Having said that, getting a project into Resolve is a very well developed path - if anyone used FCP X for projects they didn't completely finish in some fashion on their laptop.
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  • Apple Pay gains over 30 more card issuers in US, China & Australia, re-adds Santander

    hentaiboy said:
    And here I was hoping that my (big four) Australian bank had caved in. Guess I'll just have to transfer my life savings to Firefighters Mutual Bank  :D
    Haha! I'm OK with ANZ and use Apple Pay daily, two or three times, for ristretti from my local. It's the reason I bought the Watch on release - to eke more life from my 5S. But oddly, it's still a bit of a party trick here in Ponsonby, which surprises me. At least I didn't need to pose for a calendar to get it...