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  • ANZ is first Australian bank to support Apple Pay

    I mean NZ is two thirds of ANZ, and half their profit. But only the A gets Apple Pay? Silly. My Watch is weeping. 
  • Apple updates Final Cut Pro X, Compressor and Motion with new features

    They could also do a dozen other things though with other products. If it's not what they want to do then people just have to accept that and use the right tools for whatever they need done. It doesn't make sense for Apple to provide the best tools in every industry because some tools work best being cross-platform.
    @Marvin ;

    While of course Apple can't compete in everything, it'll never gain any traction in enterprise, with or without IBM, if it has a reputation of luring people away into platforms they're half-hearted about, and abandoning them when a solo in-house product champion moves on. I've heard many arguments that Apple needed to move to 64-bit from 32-bit FCP 7, and that a new code base gave them the OPPORTUNITY to re-invent editing! No tracks! Magnetism! Nothing you can lock when you're done! Think again klutzes - you really want iMovie but BIGGER don't you? No thanks.

    No one, repeat, no one who used FCP 7 for a living wanted this. They wanted FCP 8, and don't tell me Henry Ford said we all wanted a faster horse. Where exactly has been FCP X's Great Leap Forward that we're all really glad we stayed for, now we've done as Larry Jordan proposed and given them time to make it not only AMAZING, but better than what we had? We'd be working faster even with slower renders because we could throw out a reference movie and chuck it at Compressor, not have to render out the whole sequence, and carry on cutting. We'd be at FCP 9 by now, 64-bit and all, and would still be happily buying Mac Pro towers, not toys, and doing with hardware what you propose we should do with software - making it suit our world.

    But the great crime was not the coronation of the prince, FCP X. It was the execution of his uncle, the king, Final Cut Studio, with all the clemency of Kim Jong Un. Suddenly we couldn't buy it, it wasn't supported and our business was scrambling for alternatives. We've all found different, worthy combinations, but only companies that go under generally leave their customers in that lurch. Apple was just insensitive to the consequences for its users, and that casts a long shadow over enterprise aspirations - one I see every day as my iPad 2 crumbles under the cancer of involuntary iOS updates.
  • Apple updates Final Cut Pro X, Compressor and Motion with new features

    Yep, @gadetcanav2, what was @rfmac thinking? FCP X is AWESOME! In four short years Apple has taken FCP from an NLE Hollywood trusted in its post workflows, to a YouTube/Vimeo editing tool, to its new razor-sharp focus on what really matters in media - Apple's own devices. Forget 4K cinema - it's the iPad Pro, man.

    So the "Pro" application that still can't make a decent audio AAF (don't bore me with that tech stuff, my clients just want AWESOME) and hides important things like timecode like they're just there to look at, not cue to or copy/paste, is getting very much better at working with media that really matters - "movies" from your iPhone. So what's iMovie again? Oh that ends at K12. After that, we're all Pros, here at high school. Yeah right.

    FCP X is positioning itself as the perfect tool for people who think an unaffordably high end camera is made by GoPro. Arri's best Alexa is 3.2K? Puh! My GoPro's 4K man! Eats it for breakfast! FCP X for 45 second news snippets cut by journalists in the back of the car? Sure. Bentley commercials shot on iPhone? I suspect they went through Flame in a real facility, somewhere in Soho. FCP X has its place, but adding features like phone support before fixing the fundamentals is flawed.
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