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  • Inside iOS 11: The coolest Apple ARKit demos created so far

    Again, all of it is cool, but what advantage is there for the regular consumer?  That's my continuing question in all of this.

    Augmenting reality requires the system to have a model/map of reality that they can overlay. 

    Youre right that augmenting a table to show a game on it doesn't really achieve much. But the neat tricks will expand into things we can't do any other way. 

    The furniture stores are are an example. Someone will make a "will this fit?" App that takes an image of your current cupboard and a space on your wall and tells you if it can be moved. 

    The phone will be making full 3D models of what it sees, and what can be done with that will be staggering. 

    There'll come a time when you raise your phone in the supermarket, and it overlays health information on the image. Crosses out your allergen foods and highlights your favourites (green highlight on all the non-dairy Indian curries?). Or circles the items from your shopping list so you can pick them up. This won't happen for a few years but it's where it's heading. 

    Also video chat will take a person you're talking to and show them standing in the room with you. Again like they're invisible but right there, you just need the phone to see them. 

    I imagine my kids will will have an imaginary friend app, probably linked with a toy. My kids would like to think there's an invisible Mickey Mouse they can only see through the Disney Magic Mirror, who lives in their room and is always there with them. And perhaps they'll buy a Lego "Invisible jet" that will land next to their hand built plane, but they can watch it fly around and follow it. Or they'll have a game with a path for them to follow and hidden treasures. 

    This is a big step to a new way of interacting... but there are many steps. 
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  • How to: turn your iPhone into a document scanner, and when you shouldn't

    ( looking back, I guess the article is not meant to be a review...)
  • Facebook steps up 'false news' crackdown with tips for spotting and reporting bogus storie...

    We must find a way of better reporting to people. 

    Small changes would be to overlay a big red heading to highlight something

    eg:  June, 2012 (Overlaid when someone shares a sensational news article from 5 years ago) 

    or Satire (Overlaid for jokes that are too often believed)

    Those are easy. 

    Then there's context (for news that ignore an important aspect - like an "association" that implies it represents the whole state, when it just had a cool name with 3 members!). 

    If we believe no news sources (or just ones that sound pretty good!) then society will suffer. 
  • Editorial: An ad-free, premium social network... from Apple

    There's certainly appeal in being given a diverse range of news sources, instead of the ones I am likely to agree most with. 

    A portal on a story, with links to articles from different sources/perspectives. 

    I also wouldnt mind if "news" sources had to agree to a code of conduct - including highly visible retractions, very clear labelling of "satire" and "opinion", and even scores based on errors. 
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  • Facebook reportedly developing video app for Apple TV

    I'd really like to see a collection of my friends' photos as a screen saver option, particularly those with more likes, more likes from my friends, or more likes from me. 

    Unfortunately looks like this is NOT that in any way...